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  • medical-tourism-Australia-patient

    I live Sydney, Australia but am originally from Mauritius. I had a radiating pain in my lower back which increased over time. I had to undergo a minimally invasive lumbar discectomy surgery at the earliest to prevent further damage. The wait time was quite high in Australia. That's when I started researching about getting surgery in India. I contacted Medicure Medical Travels and within 2 weeks I was in India for surgery. Despite the initial apprehensions of me and my colleagues about getting surgery in India  everything turned out excellent. Read More

    Mr. Alex, Australia, Spine Surgery

  • medical-tourism-USA-patient

    I was diagnosed with cancer. My insurance did not covered the whole treatment. Cancer treatment in USA is very expensive and the wait time is long. I contacted Medicure Medical Travels through which my friend had got treatment in India. I contact them with my query. The cancer treatment cost in India quoted was very affordable. Before I know, I was on the next plane to India. Everything went pretty well and I was very satisfied with Omar and Medicure Medical Travels.  Right from the airport to my treatment everything was above expectations.

    Mr. David, USA, Cancer Treatment

  • medical-tourism-uk-to-india

    I underwent knee replacement surgery in India. There wasn't any particular concern with visiting India since I have been there many times. My medical travel consultant Medicure Medical Travels was very helpful in shortlisting the hospitals and doctors in India. Everything was well planned and within the budget.  I must appreciate that my medical tour to India went very well. I'm very satisfied with my knee surgery and can again resume my daily routine. Thanks again for all the help Medicure.

    Mr. Freddrick, UK, Knee Replacement Surgery

  • medical-tourism-kuwait-patient-2

    Mr. Ahmad was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and came for chemotherapy in India.  He underwent a total of 3 chemotherapy sessions and stayed in India for over a month. The progress was satifactory considering the stage of cancer. He was quite fond of the spicy Indian food and loved the Indian summers which according to him were less harsh than back home. He is now doing well but the medications will still continue.

    Mr. Ahmed, Kuwait, Chemotherapy

  • medical-tourism-Iraq-patient

    Mr. Haidar came for LASIK surgery in India for his wife. His wife ,a teacher at school , decided to go for the LASIK surgery so that she could work without spectacles. The LASIK session lasted for only 2 hours post which they were discharged and were ready to leave for Iraq. Mrs. Haidar expressed her gratitude by gifting us some famous Iraqi dates. Due to LASIK there was no longer any need to wear eyeglasses and also the vision clarity became better.

    Mrs. Haidar, Iraq, LASIK Surgery

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