State-of-the Art Resurfacing: Minimally invasive knee replacement surgery in India

OrthoGlide Knee Implant

The Knee Resurfacing Center at Nanavati Hospital has adopted the State-of-the Art Resurfacing Procedure to provide Minimally invasive knee replacement surgery in India to patients suffering from Knee Joint pain. In what can be termed as major innovation in treatment of Knee Arthritis in India Dr Sankalp Mutha successfully conducted the first path breaking Knee Resurfacing Surgery in India as well as Asia at Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai using the FDA-approved OrthoGlide Knee Implant, patented and designed by ABS Corporation of the USA, licensed in India to Smart Ortho Devices Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. It took just under an hour with almost no blood loss, no bone cuts and no cement used leaving all the joint bones absolutely natural and virtually un...

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