New Epilepsy Drug Could Help Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

New Epilepsy Drug Could Help Treat Alzheimer's Disease

New Drug For Epilepy A fresh epilepsy drug holds promise as a therapy for alzheimer disease, researchers have discovered. The research by the University of British Columbia bolsters the hypothesis that mind hyper-excitability performs a vital function in alzheimer disease, which anti-convulsant medications - medicines that stop or decrease the intensity of convulsions - signify a encouraging remedy that deserve additional individual studies. In prior studies, a few organizations examined the results of the broadly utilized anti-convulsant medication levetiracetam in both animal models in addition to two clinical tests in-patients with early indications of Alzheimers. The results indicate it might impede a few of the outward symptoms of the condition, including memory loss. In the newest study, Doctor Haakon Nygaard,...

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