Best Hospital for Tetralogy of Fallot Surgery in India

Tetralogy of Fallot surgery in India

Tetralogy of Fallot is a congenital heart defect in which exist involve four anatomical abnormalities. Often the most common cause for blue baby syndrome ,  Tetralogy of Fallot is characterized by low oxygenation of blood due to the mixing of oxygenated and de oxygenated blood in the left ventricle. India is the world's best destination for getting Tetralogy of Fallot Surgery due to the high quality, advanced technologies being used and also the cheapest cost for such treatment anywhere in the world. Best Hospital for Tetralogy of Fallot Surgery in India are located in several parts in India and each of them offer splendid medical treatment. Escorts Heart and Research Institute is considered as the Best Hospital for Tetralogy of Fallot Surgery in India...

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Explained: Cost of cancer treatment in India

Bladder Cancer Treatment cost in India

Cancer treatment is highly varied and vast depending upon the type of cancer, stage of cancer and cancer treatment process being followed. When we talk about cost of cancer treatment in India we can differentiate the cancer treatment into two major categories : Surgical cancer treatment in India Non-surgical cancer treatment in India A. (Surgical) Cost of cancer treatment in India Surgical cancer treatments are usually done in highly complex and high risk cancer patients. And these cancer treatment are usually followed by non-surgical cancer treatment. Depending upon the location of cancer in the body the cost of cancer treatment in India varies accordingly. Cost of brain tumor surgery are usually between $8000 to $10000, followed by complex cancer cases...

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Why Get Knee Replacement Surgery in Delhi Hospitals

Knee Replacement Surgery In India

Knee replacement surgery is one of the most popular treatment among the medical tourists who come to India for medical treatment. India is considered to be the best medical tourism destination for orthopaedic, heart, cancer, transplant and dental treatments. Not only this knee replacement surgery in Delhi, India is the most cheapest in the world. Besides the cost factor which is the main consideration for getting treatment in India it is the use of latest and advanced knee replacement surgery technology that also entices the patients from all over the world to get surgery in Delhi, India. A majority of patients coming to get knee replacement surgeries are from Nigeria, Iraq, America, UK and African Continent. Delhi also has the...

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Getting Heart Bypass Surgery in India: First Hand Account by Nigerian Patient

Heart Bypass Surgery in India

Mr. Edeugo , a resident of Port Harcourt, recently underwent Heart Bypass Surgery in India and shares his account of his medical tour to India. He came to India for Heart Bypass Surgery which was facilitated by Medicure Medical Travels. Edeugo was suffering from consistent chest pain, all day fatigue and these symptoms became more severe as the time progressed. He decided to consultant his local cardiologist, who suggested some medical tests. Post medical tests it became clear that Edeugo had a blockage in the coronary artery of his heart. The local doctor in Nigeria suggested immediate bypass surgery since the the blockage in heart was severe. He decided to travel overseas for his CABG surgery and contacted the customer service at

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Know All About Getting Kidney Transplant Surgery in India

kidney_transplant SURGERY in India

Kidney transplant surgeries have now become fairly common and the technology has also advanced by leaps and bounds. But before you opt for kidney transplant surgery in India some basic points should be kept in mind. Being aware if these points will not only help in a far smoother experience and will also help prospective kidney transplant patients to understand how the kidney transplant surgery in India work. The first question that strikes any kidney patient or their relatives is that kidney can be arranged in India. The is a total myth. FACT: Kidney Transplant Surgery in India requires that the donor who is donating his/her kidney should be related to the patient. A blood relation needs to be established. Some...

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