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What We Do – Medical Tourism Company

Medical tourism company delhi IndiaMedicure Medical Travels is one of the leading medical tourism company in India and registered with Government of India. We offer medical travel assistance for getting treatment in Indian hospitals.  We are based in New Delhi and have SPOC’s (Single Point Of Contacts) in major countries across the globe such as Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Oman, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, UK, USA and Canada etc.

Our aim is to provide the future medical tourists who want to get treatment in India with an expert medical opinions with a honest and unbiased outlook. This fair and honest approach has already won us many clients have experienced our hospitality combined with professionalism. When you choose to plan your medical tour to India with Medicure Medical Travels you can be assured of safe and certified high quality affordable surgery in India at the most affordable prices. The affordable medical tour packages to India have been made possible due to efficient planning and strategic partnerships with best hospitals in India. We are committed to facilitating affordable, safe and quality healthcare available in India to our patients.

Our belief in the “Medical Tourism India” stems from the fact that the core competencies in healthcare organizations of India are at par with best in the world that include conformance to safety and environmental standards, ultramodern equipment based on cutting edge technologies, vast pool of trained healthcare professionals, strong orientation towards systems and procedures, multinational experience and inherent culture of caring and hospitality.

Besides this, the “Indian Option” boasts of shorter diagnostic report timings, “walk-in” culture for doctor appointments with no waiting time for initial or follow up care, lower drug cost and significant lower overall care cost.

The medical travel assistance process at Medicure Medical Travels  is woven around its core philosophy “your care our concern” and is guided by one of the central tenets of Indian culture “Atithi Devo Bhavha “, meaning “Guest is God”.

We look forward to helping you find the best treatments at the best hospitals with most affordable medical tourism packages.

Our Credentials

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We are proud and honoured to be one of the leading medical tourism company in India due to the immense faith and trust that our patients have reposed in us. This has been possible due to our strong belief in providing the best medical travel services to medical tourists from across the globe who seek treatment in India.

You would be glad to know that we work with certified global hospitals. We work with JCI accredited hospitals in India. JCI (Joint Commission International) is the hospital certification body of United States of America. It certifies hospitals across United States of America. JCI hospitals follow rigorous standards of patient care, quality and safety. Moreover JCI  certified hospitals have excellent infrastructure and advance technology. In addition to this the accreditation of Indian healthcare entities through ISO and Indian National standards NABH (Member of IsQua Accreditation Council) ensures availability of standard quality care comparable to anywhere in the world.

Besides this, Medicure Medical Travels is also supports IMTA (Indian Medical Travel Association)  and MTQUA (Medical Travel Quality Alliance) . The Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) seeks to advance safety and quality in treatment and care for medical tourists by encouraging, developing and supporting professional standards and practices, quality in patient care management, and understanding of the unique needs of medical travellers.

Medicure Medical Travel’s advocacy for the “Indian Option” also derives its strength from the fact that India is in a privileged position to deliver a unique holistic basket for wellness ranging from Ayurveda, Naturopathy to meditation, spas and yoga.

Medicure Medical Travels invites you to explore the “Indian Option” and urges you to exercise your right to have access to affordable, safe and quality healthcare that you so richly deserve in the currently evolving borderless global healthcare environment. Planning your medical tour to India with the leading medical tourism company in India will be a wise choice. We help you navigate the complexities involved in getting treatment in India. Be it the choice of hospitals , doctors or city in India where to get treatment we help you focus on your requirements and plan the perfect medical tour that you truly deserve.

The Journey

2011 – Medicure Medical Travels was born in 2011 as speciality medical tourism company in India

With a focus on providing a unique and specialized medical travel consulting boutique Medicure medical travels was able to successfully leverage it’s unique services for medical tourists.

2012 – Operations of Medicure Medical Travels reach the African Shores

After providing our specialized medical travel consulting services to the SAARC and Middle Eastern countries Medicure Medical Travels forayed into the largely untapped and unexplored medical tourism market of African countries. The focus of initial operations was limited to the Western African nations.

2013 – Medicure Medical Travels set-ups 1st (first) health check-up and field visit camp in Nigeria

Medicure Medical Travels undertook the most ambitious and highly challenging task of organizing field visits and health checkup camps in the poorest areas in Nigeria. Not only was there a logistical challenge but also there was a security issues. But this effort by Medicure helped in bringing healthcare to economically vulnerable people.

2014 – Medicure Medical Travels establishes Telemedicine Network

Medicure Medical Travels also undertook the effort to bridge the gap between medical professionals from India and African nations by establishing a telemedicine link between the hospital teams in Africa and India.

2015Medicure Biotech Systems company established
Medicure establishes a surgical disposables and consumables manufacturing company catering to India and international markets. Medicure Biotech Systems builds upon the philosophy and objective of it’s sister company Medicure Medical Travels i.e. “Quality Healthcare At everyone’s doorstep”

The Travel Team

Omar leads the young and dynamic team of Medicure Medical Travels. The concept of specialized medical tourism consulting was conceptualized by Omar who along with his highly motivated and creative team has grown the company tremendously in the last five years.

With a total cumulative experience of 15+ years in niche and specific industries of healthcare, tourism , airlines and information technology the overall depth of knowledge and contribution by the team is highly valued. By utilizing the resources and skills at hand Medicure Medical Travels has grown exponentially to become one of the leading specialized medical tourism consulting company in India

With a vision on the future Medicure Medical Travels is expanding into other different areas of healthcare such as health informatics, telemedicine, teleradilogy, mhealth and healthcare software development.

Quality Assurance


The Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) seeks to advance safety and quality in treatment and care for medical tourists by encouraging, developing and supporting professional standards and practices, quality in patient care management, and understanding needs of medical travelers.


The Indian Medical Travel Association or IMTA – a unified voice of the Indian healthcare (modern medicine as well as traditional Indian medicine) and travel industry – is aimed at preparing India for facing the challenges of global competition in Medical Tourism space.


JCI works with health care organizations, governments, and international advocates to promote rigorous standards of care and provide solutions for achieving peak performance. Our experts help organizations help themselves in three ways: accreditation, education, and advisory services.

Our Health Group Partners

We work with our HealthGroup partners to improve and provide a better medical tourism experience to our international patients. HealthGroup Partners are our topmost and exclusive one’s with whom we work solely to provide a more definite and unique medical travel consulting experience.

Medical Tourism is an evolving industry where the needs and demands are constantly being changed owing to patient or healthcare providers. In this ever changing and constantly evolving industry it it important that we keep ourselves updated with the latest and best practices to meet our client needs.

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