Advanced BNI Bladder Neck Incision Surgery In India

Bladder Neck Incision Surgery Cost in India

Bladder Neck Incision Surgery is performed to relieve passing of urination in male patients. The Bladder Neck Incision Surgery occurs when the male urinary tract is blocked by the prostate or their is a bulging of the prostrate due to which urination problem occurs. The neck of the bladder narrows due to prostrate enlargement. Bladder Neck Incision Surgery is a minimally invasive surgery performed under general anaesthesia.

Patients who are candidates for Bladder Neck Incision Surgery typically observe symptoms such as slowness in in starting urination, poor flow, leakage of urination during sneezing or coughing etc.

There are two methods for performing Bladder Neck Incision Surgery in India

  1. TURP: Trans Urethral resection of the prostrate or Laser TURP: Read Here
  2. Green Light Laser Prostrate Surgery

TURP is the most beneficial and commonly used treatment method for prostrate enlargement. Due to its very minimally invasive approach and high success rates of over 95% , TURP is always preferred.

Side Effects of getting Bladder Neck Incision Surgery

Patients who get Bladder Neck Incision Surgery done may experience no sperm during ejaculation and also the sperm count decreases significantly post surgery. Such patients can expect to become father by opting for fertility treatment options such as IVF or sperm injections etc.

There are no other side effects besides the above mentioned one. Bladder Neck Incision Surgery is very safe with a very fast recovery time.

Bladder Neck Incision Surgery cost in India is approximately $2100 USD and the hospital stay in India for surgery is 3 days only. Post surgery patients can expect to stay in India for around 5 days.

Getting Bladder Neck Incision Surgery in India is highly affordable and technologically advanced. India has some of the best doctors and urology hospitals that offer internationally certified Bladder Neck Incision Surgery packages.

Patient Testimonial

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