Why Medical Tourism India

Brand  “Medical Tourism India”

Medical Tourism India
has today become synonymous with getting high quality treatments at very affordable cost using latest and best medical technologies. This has led Medical Tourism India to grow into a widely respected brand which now is well known globally. Medical Tourism India showcases the rapid strides India has achieved over the last decades in the health care sector and how these rapid strides have been have put to effective use by helping medical-tourism-indiapatients needing treatment abroad. India today offers treatments and surgeries that are high in quality meets international standards to international patients. The role of medical tourism India as the best global destination for getting treatment is further strengthened by the use of cutting edge latest medical technologies in various specialties such as cancer care, heart surgeries, joint replacement surgeries etc. and at the same time keeping the treatments affordable and well within reach of international patients.

By providing treatments at ultra low cost with the same international standard quality as Western countries, India has become a leader as well as the best destination in the medical travel industry. What makes India a more welcoming medical tourism destination is the liberalized medical visa procedures with minimal paperwork and proper international standard infrastructure. The hospitals in India are accredited by independent international accreditation agencies providing the best treatments under guidance of the top doctors in India. Besides this Medicure Medical Travels lists some more reasons on why getting treatment in India would be a sensible and logical choice for future medical tourists.

Medical Tourism India Advantages

High Quality World-Class Medical Care backed by international awards and certifications. Employing the latest technologies in the medical field and with a proven track record India sustains the dual role of affordable treatments with high quality world-class medical care.

Economical and Affordable Treatment pricing with guaranteed savings of over 75%. This low cost does not mean cutting corners just to reduce the cost of treatment. India has low cost advantage due to abundant resources and technology making the treatments cheaper. There are well document case studies by Havard Business Review which showcase India is in fact the best medical tourism destination for getting affordable treatments,

JCI Certified Internationally Accredited Hospitals with excellent infrastructure and quality control ensure that the quality standards are always met. The Indian hospitals are accredited by independent international accreditation agencies that accredit hospitals even in developed countries. These accreditation are only granted to hospitals that have the best infrastructure and maintain high quality standards

Use of World-Class Implants and Consumables sourced from USA, Europe, UK etc. is of advantage to the medical tourists because of getting best of the best. Best implants coupled with surgery at best hospitals that too at very affordable cost is win-win situation for the medical tourists. Some of the best implants are sourced from leading implant manufacturers such as Medtronics, St. Jude Valves, Baxter, Respronics, Stryker etc.

Zero Wait Time For Surgeries – “Get surgery in India as soon as you arrive with no wait-time” is the philosophy of medical tourism India brand.  With no wait time to get surgery critical time is saved and medical tourists get treatment on time. In fact , India has the lowest wait-time for surgery among the medical tourism destinations in the world.

Highly Professional and Efficient English speaking staff and doctors with international work experience in various countries around the world. Indian doctors have made a name for themselves in various countries notably United Kingdom, America, Canada and Europe.

Hassle Free Indian Medical Visa issuance for the patients and their family members ensures that medical tourists can come to India for treatment with ease. With faster processing of medical visas and a validity of over 6 months India is a very welcoming medical tourism destination. Medical visa are granted in hassle free manner with minimum paperwork involved.

Medical Tourism India History


Medical tourism India began many centuries past in the form of Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine. As early as 5000 years ago brand Medical Tourism India was recognized for it’s alternative treatment options with constant flows of medical tourists and religious pupils who flocked to India to seek the benefits of these alternate-healing methods.

treatment-in-indiaLong before modern medical practice came into existence Ayurveda was practised by the doctors. Even today Ayurveda and Yoga are immensely popular among people in  different parts of the world. The popularity can also be attributed to the fact that these alternative treatments in India do not have any side effects. Also these treatments are helpful in curing diseases not possible through the traditional forms of treatments.  Kerala situated in the Southern part of India is considered the capital of Ayurveda on earth. This simple Ayurveda has treated many sophisticated medical conditions. For your wellness and as well as a relaxation vacation we at Medicure Medical Travels constantly encourage our medical tourist clients to visit Kerala and experience the soothing Ayurveda massage in the world famous backwaters of Kerala.

India: Best Medical Tourism Destination

To get treatment in India is a very sensible and logical choice considering the benefits that India offers to the medical tourists. Medicure Medical Travels has always emphasized and consistently support that medical tourists  should read why they should get treatment in India.

get-surgery-in-indiaIndia has many advantages for patients who would like to travel to India for treatment. Advantages such as the presence of internationally certified hospitals in India which follow strict protocols and standards that give a peace of mind because you can be assured of  going into safe hands. Nowadays there are more than 18 JCI Certified International Hospitals in India and many more are in the process of certification. These are super specialty international chains of hospitals having top doctors and surgeons renowned in the world  for their expertise and these hospitals also have international standard infrastructure and facilities.

Cost Comparison: Medical Tourism India

medical-tourism-India-cost-comparisonIt is no surprise that getting treatment in India is highly affordable. India is the leading destination for getting high quality affordable treatments and surgeries especially critical surgeries such as heart valve replacement surgery, knee replacement surgery, neurosurgery, cancer treatments etc. The perfect combination of low cost of surgery, international hospitals and best doctors is why thousands of medical tourists from across the world choose to get treatment in India

These are just some of the benefits of getting treatment in India. There are many other reasons why patients travel to India for getting surgery. Some of the factors such as cost, location, hospitality, easy paperwork and faster medical visa processing time makes India a very happening and preferred medical tourism destination in the world.

Medicure Medical Travels has been at the forefront medical tourism in India. We are have successfully managed hundreds of patient medical trip from around the world with countries such as USA, UK, Australia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Oman, UAE, Iraq , Afghanistan etc. It is our service and emphasis on quality that medical tourists choose to get treatment in India through us. Our in depth knowledge and expertise in medical tourism industry is what makes us one of the top and best medical travel company in India. With a presence in major cities in India and working with the best hospitals and having top doctors of India on our board for guidance Medicure Medical Travels has been able to achieve enormous growth in the recent years. Our transparent and structured travel mechanism sets us apart from other Medical Travel companies.

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