Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

Da Vinci operation provides a minimally invasive alternative to a wide range of afflictions. The da Vinci system is an option to both open operation and laparoscopy and effective in processes that are complicated. The da Vinci method's benefits are vast, but include less blood loss, a faster recovery time and a lower risk of complications. You needed a process, your choices were limited. There was operation with laparoscopy or an open incision that uses smaller incisions, but is limited to processes that are smaller. When medication and non invasive processes cannot provide relief surgery is the only available alternative and remains the treatment for a wide variety of problems. These conditions include, but aren't limited to, cervical and uterus...

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Medical Toursim to India

India is a magnet for attracting patients. It's projected that the volume of tourists could reach around 5 million attracting visitors by 2020. Medical tourism widely refers to wellness tourism and wellness, pertains to the industry people from across the world travel to other countries to get care, and in the same time, visit the attractions of the nation. Healthcare tourism was a key growth sector for over a decade. Growing insurance marketplace, strong pharmaceutical industry, inexpensive international travel, and quality healthcare are increasingly making India a preferred traveller destination. India hosts approximately 1.27 million vacationers from countries like the US, UK, and Canada along with visitors from neighboring nations like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and China. This market includes players...

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Cancer Treatment Patient Testimonial in India

Cancer treatment in India Nigerian Patient

The feeling of getting afflicted with cancer was devastating and heart breaking. Everyone in our family was very surprised that I was suffering from cancer. I'm living in Abuja, Nigeria where healthcare facilities are in much better than other parts of Nigeria. Abuja has some of the best cancer diagnostic facilities. But still for cancer treatment we usually travel abroad and the choice is India. Owing to good cancer treatment options including affordable cost and a very friendly country. After discussion with my doctors and going for a second re-test just to reconfirm I made the decision to get cancer treatment without any further delay. I contacted Medicure Medical Travels through their representative office in GRA area of Abuja. Mr. Kenneth...

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Patient Testimonial – Brain Tumor Surgery in India

Patient Testimonial - Brain Tumor Surgery in India

I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and the doctors advised with immediate surgery to prevent further spread of tumor in the brain and other parts of the body. Our local hospital in Baghdad had a long wait time for getting the surgery. Most of patients from Iraq get treatment in India. Owing to shorter travel time, good environment and excellent treatment facilities. I too made up my mind to get treatment in India. I contacted Medicure Medical Travels local office and enquired about the procedure to get brain tumor surgery in India. The people at the office were very helpful and patient. They first got me the complete details about the surgery and how much it will cost.Then my...

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Mandibular Or Jaw Reconstruction Surgery In India

Mandibular Or Jaw Reconstruction Surgery is one of the most complex reconstruction cosmetic surgery that is performed by cosmetic surgeons. Mandible is the largest bone of the face and requires immense precision and expertise to begin with. The Mandibular Or Jaw Reconstruction Surgery is used to surgically reconstruct the mandible defects that may have occurred due to various factors. The mandibular is referred to the lower jaw. To begin with the mandible is first cut with the help of a saw. To access the mandible an incision is made behind the molar teeth where the gum starts. Through this the surgeon accesses the mandibular bone. Once the surgeon has accessed the lower jaw bone then the jaw is cut in...

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