Average cost of discectomy in India

Discectomy Surgery In India

India is one of the top medical tourism destination in the world. One of the most popular medical treatment in India is discectomy surgery. Not only is the average cost of discectomy in India the lowest in the world but it is also of the highest quality. Discectomy in India is done in intentionally certified Indian hospital that have excellent infrastructure and follow stringent quality controls.

Discectomy surgery has become quite safe and the recovery time has also come down significantly. With the introduction of cutting edge spinal surgical technology the cost of discectomy has reduced to a large extent and also the average recovery time post discectomy is now around 10 days.

A discectomy surgery in India involves the removal of the herniated disc in the spine that exerts pressure on the nerves which leads to pain. By removing this inter vertebral disc in the spine the pressure on the nerves is removed. These days minimally invasive discectomy surgery is performed in India. Not only is minimally invasive discectomy safe and fast but also the recovery time is quite high. An added advantage of the minimally invasive procedure is that the average cost of discectomy in India is also low. There is also minimal blood loss during discectomy.

Average time of hospital stay during the discectomy surgery in India is 4 days

Average cost of discectomy in India is 6000 USD

Post discectomy stay in India 7 days

Some of the best in India for discectomy are Fortis, MAX, BLK, Artemis etc. All these hospitals are internationally certified and are offering highly competitive discectomy cost in India.

Before making your mind to undergo discectomy in India is highly important to discuss your case with your physician. Discectomy is performed under local anaesthesia and patients feel minimal pain after surgery. Post discectomy surgery doctors advise different exercises and sitting positions to make the spine good again.

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