Best Doctor For Heart Surgery in India

Know about Best Doctor For Heart Surgery in India

When it comes to getting treatment or surgery everyone of us wants to get treatment at the best hospitals and operated upon by the best doctors. Cardiac surgery in India is one the leading surgery performed by doctors annually. To know about Best Doctor For Heart Surgery in India we need to also know that best cardiac doctors in India work at the best cardiac hospitals in India.

Some of the Best Doctor For Heart Surgery in India are

1. Dr. Ashok Seth, Fortis Escorts Hospital

Dr. Ashok Seth Best Doctor For Heart Surgery in India

Dr. Ashok Seth is one the most renowned surgeon in India who has performed over 50,000 angiographies and  20,000 angioplasties. He has been recently conferred with one of India’s most prestigious civilian award “Padma Bhushan” Currently he’s heading the cardiology department of Fortis Escorts Hospital.


2. Dr. Naresh Trehan, Medanta Medicity

Dr. Naresh Trehan Best Doctor For Heart Surgery in India

One of the most popular and renowned doctor in India Dr. Naresh Trehan has been the personal doctor for the President of India since 1991. He has been conferred many International and National Awards by various governments and agencies. He has contributed a lot to the cardiac surgery in India. He tops the list for Best Doctor For Heart Surgery in India.

3. Dr. Sivaramakrishna Padmavati

Dr. Sivaramakrishna Padmavati Best Doctor For Heart Surgery in India

She is often referred as the “God of Cardiology in India“. She is India’s first and oldest cardiologist with a career spanning over 60 years. Some of the India’s best and top cardiologists have been taught by  Dr. Sivaramakrishna Padmavati herself. Conferred with top civilian awards Dr. Sivaramakrishna Padmavati does not even need any introduction for Best Doctor For Heart Surgery in India. Her work speaks for itself.

4. Dr. Ramakant Panda, Asian Heart Institute

Dr. Ramakant Panda Best Doctor For Heart Surgery in India

Often touted as the “one of the safest heart surgeon in the world” Dr. Ramakant Panda is one of the most respected cardiologist in India and around the world. When you are getting your surgery from one of the Best Doctor For Heart Surgery in India you know nothing will go wrong. With over 20,000 cardiac surgeries to his credit Dr. Ramakant Panda has the best success rate of 99.6% the best in the world. He is currently the Vice Chairman and the Managing Director of Asian Heart Institute.

This is just a list of some of the best cardiac surgeons in India. The list is never ending. We have included these doctors in the Best Doctor For Heart Surgery in India list is because they have contributed much more in the field of  cardiology in India. They are the pioneers of cardiac surgery in India. It is because of their sheer hard-work and foresightedness that India today is home to some of the best cardiac hospitals. Some of the best cardiac hospitals in India today owe their existence to these fellows.

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