Bone from Italian saves Yemeni girl through orthopaedic oncology in India

  Recently, a live heart transported to Chennai saved a patient in the nick of time. Months before that, a bone airlifted from Italy had given a new lease of life to a Yemen native. The girl, who underwent the surgery in India in February, is back on her feet now. Maram Mohammed Sahel, 20, a medical student from Sana'a, Yemen, was diagnosed with bone cancer one year ago at a city hospital. Though the tumour in her elbow wasn't found to be malignant at first, it kept growing in size. Doctors at HCG, a cancer-care hospital, sent a worldwide request for a matching custom elbow joint and fresh frozen allograft of the elbow. A matching bone harvested from a...

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Nagpur-based neurosurgeon performs rare minimally invasive spine surgery in india

A city-based neurosurgeon, Dr Ajay Kurve at Wockhardt Hospital performed a rare and minimally invasive spine surgery in India on a 32-year-old woman who had fractured her ninth dorsal (back) vertebra following a car accident. It is for the first time in city that screws and rods used to tighten and fix the vertebra in place were sent on the affected spot under the skin (percutaneous) using a special technique instead of the commonly used open cut surgery. The procedure called as 'balloon kyphoplasty and dilator technique' in medical terms minimizes the post operative infection as well as pain. The patient who though belongs to Nagpur, did the diagnosis and preliminary treatment at Jabalpur. As she was going there, Dr Kurve...

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Indore surgeons perform advanced stereotaxic pinless knee replacement surgery in India

A team of city-based surgeons have successfully performed a stereotaxic pinless knee replacement surgery in India on a patient suffering from arthritis for a decade. This is the first such advanced surgery that has been performed in central India and sixth in the country. In the past, it has been done in metros such as Mumbai and Chennai. The knee replacement surgery in India was conducted on a 73-year-old patient Rabab Bai Bohra from Khargone in Madhya Pradesh. The surgery involves a computer-assisted stereotactic surgical instrument system that aids in the positioning of orthopedic implant system components intra-operatively. It involves surgical instruments and position sensors to determine alignment axes in relation to anatomical landmarks. Dr Sunil Rajan, senior orthopedic surgeon at Synergy...

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Robotic assisted heart surgery in India ushering in new era in heart surgery

Robot-Assisted surgery is ushering in a new era in heart surgery by offering patients better outcome and a greater quality of life, a senior surgeon in the Chennai-based Apollo Hospitals today said. Traditional open heart surgery involved making a big incision and resulted in prolonged pain and recovery over many months, whereas in robot-assisted surgery, instead of cutting the breast-bone (sternum), the surgeon makes a smaller incision between the rib-space and performs the surgery, Dr Ravi Kumar told reporters here today. This translates to better patient experience involving less blood loss, less pain, less infection, less scarring, faster recovery and early return to normal activities (within four to five days, as against over 15 days in traditional one), he said....

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Post Total Knee Replacment Surgery In India, Yemeni walks after eight years

It was a re-birth of sort for the 26-year-old Yemeni, who after a successful operation in Fortis hospital - Mulund, walked after a long nine years. Abdo Yoseef Majeed suffers from a rare genetic disorder and retarded growth, leading to multiple fusion of joints that made him immobile. Dr. Sachin Bhonsle, orthopaedic surgeon at Fortis Hospital, who operated on Abdo said: "It was a challenge to operate on Abdo because of his rare condition. He suffers from severe sickle cell disease which made 84% of his hemoglobin abnormal. This resulted in extreme loss of blood supply to his bones, hindering growth of his joints." And it was because of retarded growth that he looks like a 10-year-old boy, Dr Bhonsle...

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