Medical Tourism gives Iraqi patient in India a new life

An Iraqi girl experienced a lifesaving surgery in India at Paras Hospitals for the elimination of a malignant cancer tumor development in the neck that destroyed her food tube along with her voice-box, which made it difficult for her to have food and eat anything. Almost a year ago, Saana got a surgical operation in…
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Nigerian Patients in India

Nigerian patients have been now frequently travelling to India for medical treatment. Medical tourism has had a big impact on the Nigerian patients in India. No longer are they restricted in terms of availability of treatment or the treatment in terms of the latest medical technologies. With thousands of Nigerian patients opting to get medical…
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Benefitting from Male infertility treatment in India

There is a common perception that parents who are not able conceive a baby is due to infertility issues of the female. But what people tend to overlook is that male infertility is also a major cause for couples who are not able to conceive a baby. A variety of factors in the ever changing…
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Why getting low cost knee replacement surgery is not a great idea

SO your doctor has advised you to get a knee replacement surgery for those troubling knee problems. And you start frantically searching on the internet for knee replacement surgery options in different countries such as India, Turkey, UAE etc. In most cases your primary criteria to get knee replacement surgery abroad is the cost of…
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Hand Transplant surgery gives Afghan armyman hands of brain dead Indian

A 30-year-old Afghan military captain from Kandahar, who lost his hands while defusing mines in the war-torn country, now has two Indian hands - thanks to a successful transplant carried out an institute here. Abdul Rahim lost both his hands during demining operations in Kandahar three years ago. His will be perhaps the first case…
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New Epilepsy Drug Could Help Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

New Drug For Epilepy A fresh epilepsy drug holds promise as a therapy for alzheimer disease, researchers have discovered. The research by the University of British Columbia bolsters the hypothesis that mind hyper-excitability performs a vital function in alzheimer disease, which anti-convulsant medications - medicines that stop or decrease the intensity of convulsions - signify…
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Indian surgeons remove world’s largest kidney weighing 2.75 kgs

New Delhi: The world's biggest kidney removal surgery in India considering the 2.75 kgs is eliminated by Indian doctors as the man was struggling with Autosomal Dominant Poly-Cystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD). Doctors of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRM), Delhi required the choice to eliminate both the kidneys of the individual as a lifesaving process, as…
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