Cancer Treatment Patient Testimonial in India

Cancer treatment in India Nigerian Patient

The feeling of getting afflicted with cancer was devastating and heart breaking. Everyone in our family was very surprised that I was suffering from cancer. I’m living in Abuja, Nigeria where healthcare facilities are in much better than other parts of Nigeria. Abuja has some of the best cancer diagnostic facilities. But still for cancer treatment we usually travel abroad and the choice is India. Owing to good cancer treatment options including affordable cost and a very friendly country. After discussion with my doctors and going for a second re-test just to reconfirm I made the decision to get cancer treatment without any further delay. I contacted Medicure Medical Travels through their representative office in GRA area of Abuja. Mr. Kenneth was very helpful and knowledgeable in terms of getting  treatment in India. Recently his own father had travelled to India for cancer treatment.

Thankfully I had stage-1 cancer  and there were many treatment options available. After discussions and deliberations the Medicure Team shared with me the complete treatment plan including the cost and other secondary details. I was very satisfied with the choice of hospital, it was one the best cancer hospital in India. Also the total cost of cancer treatment was quite affordable beyond my expectations. I had a detailed conversation Dr. Sunil, my treating doctor. He gave very detailed insights about what to expect during the treatment and post surgery. I was quite relieved after this much needed discussion.

After 2 weeks I undertook my medical tour to India accompanied by my wife. The team was waiting for us at the airport. We were taken to comfortable hotel which amazingly was walking distance from the hospital. I was highly impressed with the hospital , it’s staff and the cancer technology it was using. While I was just going through the information brochures in the hospital waiting area, I read about the hospitals strides in treating cancer and it’s international JCI certification. This further strengthened my belief. Post discussion with doctor my IGRT therapy for cancer treatment was scheduled to start after 3 days. Post the therpay I was advised one chemotherapy session. Since it was a daycare procedure I had all the time to explore Delhi.

The cancer treatment went pretty smooth, though initially there were the usual problems of nausea and vomiting. I stayed in India for a complete month. During this time we also went to see Taj Mahal, visited many historical monuments in India, did lot of shopping and explored the city. Dr. Sunil was very happy with my progress and told me that there is no need to worry. I decided to stay a couple of more days in India before going back to Nigeria after the cancer treatment. I would like to thank each and everyone be it Medicure Medical Travels, the hospital, Dr. Sunil, Mr. Kenneth, my lovely wife, my family and each everyone who made complete the cancer treatment journey. It was truly a worthwhile experience and journey. I did get cancer treatment in India but more than that I learned alot along the way to my cancer cure.