CARE offers arterial revascularization surgery in India: Expert

Usually when people undergo cardiac bypass surgery, blood vessels from their limbs are used. The chances of the new vessels being blocked in the next five years in such cases are more than 50%. A comparatively new technique of bypass that make use of blood vessels near the heart can mean no relapse of blockage in the arteries.

City-based CARE Hospital is one of the very few centres in the country that provides this type of surgery, called total arterial revascularization surgery in India. Doctors at the hospital have learnt it from Mumbai’s Dr Sudhanshu Bhattacharya who is deemed a pioneer in the field. Some of the other top cardiac hospitals in India which offer arterial revascularization surgery in India are Fortis Escorts, MAX Hospitals, METRO Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals etc.

arterial revascularization surgery in India“If the bypass is done by making use of blood vessels from other places, it is likely to be followed up by angioplasty. This surgery uses the left and right internal memory arteries rarely results in a relapse. There is no visible incision on the body and the patient can walk and be discharged in couple of days,” informed senior cardiologist of the hospital Dr Varun Bhargava. He added that around 250 such arterial revascularization surgery in India have been performed in the hospital, all of which have been successful.

The team that has performed these surgeries consist of cardiologists Dr Bhargava, Dr Ram Ghodeshwar, Dr Vipul Seta, Dr Achyut Khandekar and cardiac surgeon Dr Saurabh Varshaney. The hospital is recognized by the central government and the governments of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh for treating patients under the various government schemes.

CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery) in India

Arteries carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body, and coronary arteries supply blood to the heart muscles. When the coronary artery gets blocked, a new channel is created to bypass the blockage, which is called bypass graft surgery. It uses a working blood vessel from another part of the body — the graft — to channel blood around the blocked area.

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 Arterial revascularization surgery in India Patient Testimonials

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