What is Mesothelioma ?

Mesothelioma Treatment India

Mesothelioma, like every cancer, is debilitating. Prompt diagnosis and a proper treatment protocol provide a higher quality of life and the best opportunities for a favorable outcome. Some individuals struggle mesothelioma others wish to minimize the quantity of distress. You, your family and doctor will decide the course of treatment. Others have managed to improve their prognosis while many patients succumb to mesothelioma. While they eradicate all cancerous cells, radiation and chemo may enhance the length and quality of life. Clinical studies of experimental treatments are also underway. Extent and the seriousness of mesothelioma, as well as strength and the health of the patient, dictate the kind of frequency and the amounts and drugs. Occasionally chemo is utilized in conjunction...

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Medical Toursim to India

India is a magnet for attracting patients. It's projected that the volume of tourists could reach around 5 million attracting visitors by 2020. Medical tourism widely refers to wellness tourism and wellness, pertains to the industry people from across the world travel to other countries to get care, and in the same time, visit the attractions of the nation. Healthcare tourism was a key growth sector for over a decade. Growing insurance marketplace, strong pharmaceutical industry, inexpensive international travel, and quality healthcare are increasingly making India a preferred traveller destination. India hosts approximately 1.27 million vacationers from countries like the US, UK, and Canada along with visitors from neighboring nations like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and China. This market includes players...

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Read This Before You Get Those Orthopaedic Implants Implanted

OrthoGlide Knee Implant

Before you go to get your orthopaedic why not take out 5 minutes of your precious time and read this article. It might save the next 15 years of your life from getting ruined. So you are all ready and set to get your orthopaedic surgery done at a top orthopaedic hospital who have promised you highly affordable cost and world class treatment. Does that sound similar ? Because every other hospital these days is making tall promises where moon is the limit. These days hospitals can go to any limits to attract patients to get treatment in their facilities. If hospital A is offering orthopaedic surgery for X dollars then hospital B goes further and gives a steep discount...

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Liver Cirrhosis Treatment Cost At Best Hospitals In India

split liver transplant surgery in India

Liver Cirrhosis Treatment has now become highly advanced and affordable as well. With the advent of cutting edge precision technologies Liver Cirrhosis Treatment has now achieved a significant increase in success rate compared to earlier Liver Cirrhosis Treatment that were done. Also these advancements have led to decrease in discomfort levels to Liver Cirrhosis Treatment patients. This leads to better and faster recovery in Liver Cirrhosis patients. Liver Cirrhosis is the scarring of a healthy liver in which the healthy tissues of the liver are replaced with scarring tissues on the liver. This process takes period over a long time and is not immediate. These scarring tissues lead to scarred liver which severely impedes the functioning of the liver in processing blood flowing through...

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What are the reasons for medical tourism in Nigeria

Empowering Nigerian patients through medical tourism

There have been many questions , a majority of which are centred around the question What are the reasons for medical tourism in Nigeria? Medical tourism in Nigeria is growing at an exponential rate in the last few years. This growth of medical tourism in Nigeria can be attributed directly to the healthcare sector of Nigeria. The healthcare of Nigeria was in a precarious state and patients were forced to seek treatment abroad. This outward treatment abroad led to serious foreign exchange drain of over $2 billion dollars annually. There have been many critics of medical tourism in Nigeria. Bulk of whom are from the medical industry comprising of doctors, medical professionals and healthcare providers. The reasoning being that not only...

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