Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost in USA

Gastric bypass surgery is a type of weight reduction operation that aims to limit food intake by building bypasses of the small gut or decreasing stomach size. It is commonly known as roux-en-y weight reduction surgery, and it is categorized under bariatric surgery. The cost of gastric bypass operation varies from state to state, based on variables such as the number of physicians available in post surgical services, the surgeon's expertise, and a city. This guide will assist you answer the question, How much can gastric bypass operation cost? So which you create a choice and can prepare. A package price which includes their fees is offered by surgeons, all hospital charges, and post support costs. Healthgrades conducted a study...

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First Successful Split Liver Transplant Surgery in India

split liver transplant surgery in India

The first split liver transplant surgery in India was performed at a city hospital in New Delhi. The split liver transplant was performed on two patients who had advanced liver disease. Numerous living related donor were tested for the patients but were found to be unsuitable for liver transplant. This is the first case of split liver transplant in Delhi and the second such case in India. A split liver transplant surgery is unique in every aspect. A split liver transplant surgery is done in which a part of the liver is used for adult liver transplant surgery and the other part is used for child liver transplant. But the uniqueness in this case was that the split liver transplant...

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Lung Reduction Surgery Conducted in India

An expert surgical team conducted the first lung reduction surgery in India. The recipient of the new, size-reduced lung was a 30-year-old woman named Mrs. Anita Devi, who suffers from scleroderma. The surgery was conducted to treat Mrs. Devi’s scleroderma-related pulmonary fibrosis, but the technique can be applied to a range of other illnesses that require a lung transplant. “I am very much thankful to the doctors at Global Health City for offering me another chance to live my life and to spend time with my family,” said Mrs. Devi in a news release. “When I came here with a failed lung condition, I and my family had very little hope. Now with the successful lung transplant, I am all set...

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School Going Zimbabwe Patient Undergoes Heart Surgery in India


A young schoolboy from Hwange , Zimbabwe recently successfully underwent a complex heart surgery in India after the community came together and chipped in with funds, was recently given a hero's welcome when he returned back home post medical treatment in India. Hillary, the schoolboy and his mother were in India for 21 days and he was operated on May 21 in an eight-hour long operation that only needed God's intervention at the Artemis Health Institute Gurgaon in the Asian country. The operation involved closing a hole in the boy's heart and enlarging two veins as he also had a problem that affected his blood circulation. According to the doctors the boy was quite lucky to have undergone the heart...

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Doctors perform rare epilepsy surgery in India

Epilepsy surgery in India

Doctors have performed a rare epilepsy surgery in India on a 35 year old patient. Physicians in a private clinic have performed a rare epilepsy surgery in India for the very first time in a town on a 35 year old girl afflicted by epilepsy. The operation took four hours. Epileptologist Anand Diwan and neurosurgeon Milind Vaidya stated that epilepsy, a significant aliment, is ery common in India. The 35 year old mom of 2 was effectively run up on on June 1 at Sahyadri Clinic as well as the physicians stated they're fulfilled by the outcomes along with her improvement. While she's presently on drugs, physicians expect that she is not going to want them in a year's time....

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