Cancer Treatment Patient Testimonial in India

Cancer treatment in India Nigerian Patient

The feeling of getting afflicted with cancer was devastating and heart breaking. Everyone in our family was very surprised that I was suffering from cancer. I'm living in Abuja, Nigeria where healthcare facilities are in much better than other parts of Nigeria. Abuja has some of the best cancer diagnostic facilities. But still for cancer treatment we usually travel abroad and the choice is India. Owing to good cancer treatment options including affordable cost and a very friendly country. After discussion with my doctors and going for a second re-test just to reconfirm I made the decision to get cancer treatment without any further delay. I contacted Medicure Medical Travels through their representative office in GRA area of Abuja. Mr. Kenneth...

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Patient Testimonial – Brain Tumor Surgery in India

Patient Testimonial - Brain Tumor Surgery in India

I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and the doctors advised with immediate surgery to prevent further spread of tumor in the brain and other parts of the body. Our local hospital in Baghdad had a long wait time for getting the surgery. Most of patients from Iraq get treatment in India. Owing to shorter travel time, good environment and excellent treatment facilities. I too made up my mind to get treatment in India. I contacted Medicure Medical Travels local office and enquired about the procedure to get brain tumor surgery in India. The people at the office were very helpful and patient. They first got me the complete details about the surgery and how much it will cost.Then my...

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Getting Heart Bypass Surgery in India: First Hand Account by Nigerian Patient

Heart Bypass Surgery in India

Mr. Edeugo , a resident of Port Harcourt, recently underwent Heart Bypass Surgery in India and shares his account of his medical tour to India. He came to India for Heart Bypass Surgery which was facilitated by Medicure Medical Travels. Edeugo was suffering from consistent chest pain, all day fatigue and these symptoms became more severe as the time progressed. He decided to consultant his local cardiologist, who suggested some medical tests. Post medical tests it became clear that Edeugo had a blockage in the coronary artery of his heart. The local doctor in Nigeria suggested immediate bypass surgery since the the blockage in heart was severe. He decided to travel overseas for his CABG surgery and contacted the customer service at

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Nigerian Patient Testimonial: Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Nigerian Patient Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Nigerian Patient Testimonial for Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery in India Q. Why did you need a knee replacement surgery ? At 67 years it was very hard to opt for any other alternative besides the knee replacement surgery. My orthopaedic doctor in Lagos had already told me that I need to undergo a knee replacement surgery and just medicines won't be able to prevent the deteriorating knee condition. I had also tried alternative Nigerian Home Remedies to treat my knees but that wasn't much helpful. Q. Why did you choose India to get knee replacement surgery ? One of my son is a businessman and he frequents India on a monthly basis. He had seen many patients from Nigeria who...

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Heart Valve Replacement Surgery in India: Patient Testimonial Iraq

This is based on our series of interviews that we conduct with our patients who come to India for treatment. Today we have a conversation with Mr. Salah from Baghdad, Iraq. Mr. Salah recently underwent a successful DVR double Heart Valve Replacement Surgery in India. Q1. What were you diagnosed with? I was diagnosed with valve regurgation and was advised double valve replacment surgery. My weight was 109 kilos and there was constant swelling in my legs. Also I used to huff if I walked longer distances.Iraq does not have a good healthcare infrastructure now and the one's that remain have a very high wait-time. Q2. How did you come to know about medical tourism? It is very common in...

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