Cost of Meniscectomy in India

Meniscectomy cost in India

India has the cheapest cost of surgery in the world. Orthopaedic procedures are very popular among the medical tourists who visit every year for getting medical treatment. It is one of such surgery which is very popular among the medical tourists. It is usually a day care procedure which will not require the patient to stay in hospital. Meniscectomy is a fairly simple surgery requiring few hours time. Patients can expect to resume their life post surgery and fully recover in the next 7 days post surgery.

Meniscectomy can be defined as the surgical removal of a part or whole of meniscus of the patient. Meniscus is one of the most comment knee joint injury. Depending upon the type and level of injury the doctor would suggest to go for either partial Meniscectomy or full Meniscectomy in India. Whichever be the type of surgery suggested by the doctor Meniscectomy is a very safe and fast procedure.

But it should also be kept in mind that Meniscectomy reduces the cushioning effect of the knees. This is due to the removal of the meniscus which are directly related to the cushioning effect. Although Meniscectomy will help in reducing the pain and further damage to the knees. Secondly, the success rate for Meniscectomy averages between 75 to 88%. A lot of factors such as age, level, type of injury etc. also affect the success rate of Meniscectomy surgery. Also post Meniscectomy the knee becomes more susceptible to load bearing activities such as walking, running, jogging etc. Due to this the wear and tear of the joints also increase. But the susceptibility is directly proportional to the quantity of meniscus removed.

Meniscectomy cost in India would be between $2500 USD to $3000 USD with hospital stay for only 1 day. Post Meniscectomy the stay in India would be 7 days at most. There are many affordable and good Meniscectomy hospitals in India  that offer high quality internationally certified Meniscectomy surgery at one fifth it would cost in other countries. Medicure Medical Travels can help you connect with top Meniscectomy hospitals in India.