Cost Of Surgery In India

Know the cost of surgery at best hospitals in India

Medicure Medical Travels provides a transparent and informative guide on cost of surgery in India. We have provided an approximate cost of surgery of popular medical procedures among the visiting medical tourists. Our medical treatment services are not limited to the listed surgeries below. We provide all types of medical treatment in India be it surgical, non-surgical, minimally invasive, non-invasive etc.. If your particular medical treatment in not listed below you can simply write us an email requesting details and pricing for your particular medical treatment in India. We will be very glad to assist you in getting high quality affordable treatment in India.

As you know India is the best medical tourism destination in the world due to low cost of surgery in India. Medical tourists visit India for treatment because they get highly quality medical treatments and very affordable cost. Not only this the treatments are internationally certified and highly rated. Every year patients visit top hospitals in India that provide a comprehensive medical treatment packages.

SurgeryApproximate Cost ($ USD)Hospital StayStay in IndiaRead More
Total Knee Replacement Surgery (TKR)$5500714Click Here To Read More
Hip Replacement Surgery$7500816Click Here To Read More
Hand Surgery/ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome$350064Click Here To Read More
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery$550053Click Here To Read More
Disc Nucleoplasty Surgery$520063Click Here To Read More
Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery$500045Click Here To Read More
Open Heart Surgery$70001012Click Here To Read More
Pediatric Cardiac Surgery$800087Click Here To Read More
Ventricular Septal Defect Closure Surgery$6600128Click Here To Read More
Robotic Heart Surgery$1200075Click Here To Read More
Breast Cancer Treatment$35001012Click Here To Read More
MRI Guided Brain Tumor Surgery$900086Click Here To Read More
Robotic Prostate Surgery$1000054Click Here To Read More
Corneal Transplant Surgery$220022ClClick Here To Read More
Kidney Transplant Surgery$180001428Click Here To Read More
Microsurgical Or Endoscopic Discectomy Surgery$550045
Transformational Lumbar Fusion TLIF Surgery$850087
Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion PLIF Surgery$740067
Kyphoplasty Surgery$750058
Nucleoplasty Surgery $720045
Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment$250001021Click Here To Read More
Meniscectomy$250015Click Here To Read
Liver Cirrhosis / Liver Transplant$350001028Click Here To Read
Paediatric FONTAN Surgery$6000104Click Here To Read

Please Note: We have provided an approximate cost of the medical procedure in India. This cost does not in no way imply that the cost of treatment will be exactly as quoted. The cost of surgery will depend upon the individual patient and their diagnosis. This price list can just give you can approximate cost that you can expect for your surgery in India. Variations in the cost of surgery mentioned will be minor in most cases.

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