Ex- South African Cricket Star Hails Advanced Medical Technology At World Class Hospitals In India For Cancer Fight

Ex- South African Cricket Star Hails Advanced Medical Technology At World Class Hospitals In India For Cancer Fight

Cancer-stricken former South-African cricket captain Clive Rice was all praise for the cancer technology and treatment in India for providing him another chance in life.

65, Clive, was identified to be having cancer-associated brain tumor and underwent a cancer treatment in India that was quite successful.

When a South-African specialist advised him that he won’t be able to live much due to cancer which was was at hand and there is nothing more they can do to help him, he considered medical travel and getting medical treatment in India itself. Clive, who had a bustling cricket career that was highly-rated all through 1980s, stated he was determined that he wouldn’t quit on life that readily.

“It is practically like being clean bowled in a cricket match when you’re the final batsman and loose with a single run, and then find out that umpire gave it a no-ball and you’ve got yet another opportunity to win the match” Rice told the South African daily newspaper Beeld. Rice was remarking on the brain tumor treatment and therapy that he received at one of the best cancer hospital in India.
“It was quite good and really nicely done and now I feel great energy. It was not bad as I’d anticipated. It’s not possible to consider how amazing the medical technology is (in India). I did not experience any discomfort throughout my stay as well as the brain tumor surgery and the worry that the cancer might spread to my left has vanished. I obtained CyberKnife treatment in India which was done in just 3 hours” he stated.

“We have to be pro-active in the struggle against cancer” Rice stated, incorporating that while he was in a medical facility in India, he’d see the on-going World-Cup game being played in Australia. Rice had captained South Africa throughout a three- match series that was held in 1991 in India.

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