First Successful Split Liver Transplant Surgery in India

split liver transplant surgery in India

The first split liver transplant surgery in India was performed at a city hospital in New Delhi. The split liver transplant was performed on two patients who had advanced liver disease. Numerous living related donor were tested for the patients but were found to be unsuitable for liver transplant.

This is the first case of split liver transplant in Delhi and the second such case in India.

A split liver transplant surgery is unique in every aspect. A split liver transplant surgery is done in which a part of the liver is used for adult liver transplant surgery and the other part is used for child liver transplant. But the uniqueness in this case was that the split liver transplant was used in both adult patients.

The split liver transplant surgery was performed in Apollo Hospital Delhi. Apollo hospital has a very active and renowned liver transplant surgery department. According to the doctors of Apollo Hospital liver donors are in short supply across the country. By going for split liver transplant surgery these issues of short supply of liver for transplant can be addressed to a good extent.

The main issue for any liver transplant surgery is the availability of related donor. The cost of liver transplant surgery in India is already the lowest in world. If the split liver transplant surgery in India is taken on a large scale then not only it will help the liver transplant patients in getting faster implants but will also help the hospitals in treating more liver cases.

Medical tourism India has always played a lead role in addressing medical issues of patients from around the globe. Also medical tourism has helped India in developing new healthcare technologies like never before. It is a win-win situation for all the parties.

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