Fostering stronger ties with Uzbekistan through medical tourism India

By Omar A Siddiqui, Managing Director, Medicure Medical Travels

Ties between India and Uzbekistan haven’t been as stronger as in the recent times. A slow but steady thing that has propelled these ties is the emergence of Medical Tourism India brand.  Despite the issue of language barrier patients from Uzbekistan are coming to India for treatments and surgeries.

The primary reason is the cost advantage and availability of high quality of treatments. A majority of patients from Uzbekistan come to India for medical treatments for these two reasons mentioned above.

The Uzbekistan healthcare is state funded and the  allocation for healthcare is about 9.9% of the total budget. After the Soviet-Era the healthcare system of Uzbekistan has declined. The treatments available to patients in Uzbekistan are limited and constrained by short supply of essentials and over burden of the existing facilities. In view of this patient cases move at a slow pace. Due to these factors Uzbekistan patients have started looking abroad for treatments.  Besides India, patients from Uzbekistan also conduct their medical tours to different countries such as Russia, Israel, Germany and Thailand. But despite the availability of such medical travel destination options Uzbekistan patient’s first choice of preference is India and afterwards Russia. The distance between India and Uzbekistan also makes India a viable medical tourism destination for the Uzbekistan patients.

Coupled with all these factors is the historical friendly relations between India and Uzbekistan. India has always been supporting, providing assistance and expertise to Uzbekistan in different sectors such as pharmaceutical , agriculture, education and recently healthcare. Uzbekistan patients have always been welcomed to India and the faster medical visa issuance also makes it worthwhile.

Medical Tourism India has also opened various areas in which India and Uzbekistan have been co-operating such as continuing medical education, capacity building, training and regular health checkup camps for Uzbekistan patients. Today medical tourism is not just limited to patient treatments but is also led by knowledge transfers and exchange of expertise. In the long run these co-operations will strengthen Uzbekistan’s healthcare and also lead to better delivery of services.

Medical tourism in Uzbekistan has been growing at decent rate. With a large number of patients opting to get treatment abroad the opportunities are a plenty.  But in this medical tourism growth in Uzbekistan medical tourism companies have played an important and critical role. Aggregating resources and forming a common point between Indian and Uzbekistan hospitals has been an important accomplishment of medical tourism companies.


A patient desirous of getting treatment in India can get in touch with medical tourism companies to plan the medical tour. Since the medical tourism companies have established their bases in different cities in Uzbekistan such as Tashkent the patient can get important information in their own country as well. Like Medicure Medical Travels has been assisting Uzbekistan patients in getting treatment in India so have numerous other companies. These medical tourism companies are not solely participating in assisting patients in getting treatment in India but they are acting as single point of contacts with all information and assistance available under one roof.

Take the case of Mr. Azat a medical tourist from Uzbekistan who recently underwent DVR (Double Valve Replacement) Surgery in India at Fortis Escorts, New Delhi. In his own words Mr. Azat puts forth his reason for choosing Medical Tourism India as his destination of choice. Mr. Azat says “India was a natural choice for me. We know Indian doctors and what good work they do. Everyone I know goes to India for treatment. The cost is low and the distance is also very near to our home. I simply called a medical tourism company I know of and discussed with them my case. Was happy to communicate in Uzbek and the services accorded were outstanding”.

In the coming years we will see Medical Tourism India brand takeover the CIS countries in a big way. The biggest advantage would be the cost advantage and the travel distance which will be hard to beat.

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