Why Get Knee Replacement Surgery in Delhi Hospitals

Knee Replacement Surgery In India

Knee replacement surgery is one of the most popular treatment among the medical tourists who come to India for medical treatment. India is considered to be the best medical tourism destination for orthopaedic, heart, cancer, transplant and dental treatments.

Not only this knee replacement surgery in Delhi, India is the most cheapest in the world. Besides the cost factor which is the main consideration for getting treatment in India it is the use of latest and advanced knee replacement surgery technology that also entices the patients from all over the world to get surgery in Delhi, India. A majority of patients coming to get knee replacement surgeries are from Nigeria, Iraq, America, UK and African Continent.

Delhi also has the best knee replacement surgery hospitals. Top orthopaedic surgeons who are internationally renowned are working in Delhi Hospitals. Besides this Delhi boasts of a well connected, highly advanced infrastructure that makes it very easy and convenient for the patients to navigate the city.

Typical cost of a unilateral knee replacement surgery in Delhi, India is between $5500 to $6500. Similarly, for a bilateral knee replacement surgery in Delhi, India lies approximately between $95000 to $11,000. And the best part of getting knee replacement surgery in Delhi, India is that this cost of surgery also includes highly quality certified implants FDA, CE approved from USA and Europe. Also all the hospitals in Delhi are also certified and follow stringent treatment protocols.

A typical medical tour to Delhi, India for knee replacement surgery can last around 3-4 weeks. This stay in India includes the stay in hospital, post surgery physiotherapy sessions and regular check-up. Only when the patients are fully recovered and satisfied with the treatment does the medical tour ends.

Another popular knee surgery is the total knee replacement surgery and knee arthroscopy in Delhi, India.

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