Aortic Aneurysm Surgery In India

What is Aortic Aneurysm?

The aorta is a big artery which carries blood from your heart to your legs. It runs deep in your tummy down to the level of your navel. There it branches into the two arteries which run down to your legs. Sometimes the aorta forms a blow-out like a balloon (an aneurysm). This is dangerous because the aneurysm can leak or burst, causing fatal internal bleeding. Sometimes pieces of the lining of the aneurysm break off and block the leg arteries. The aneurysm needs to be replaced by a new artery.

How Aortic Aneurysm Surgery is done ?

You will have a general anaesthetic and be completely asleep during the operation. A cut is made in the skin of the tummy, usually to the left of the navel, from the ribs down to the groin. A new pipe (artery) , made of a tube of very strong plastic fabric, is used to replace the diseased part of the aorta and is stitched in place inside the aneurysm. It is called a graft. The cut in your tummy is then stitched up. Sometimes the two arteries which run to your legs have aneurysms as well. A new pipe made from the same material as described before, is shaped like a pair of trousers is then used to make the repair. The turnups of the trousers are stitched to the leg arteries. An extra cut in each groin is needed for this type of operation. If one or more arteries are blocked, they may be operated on at the same time. The new pipes last for 20 years and more. The operation takes about three to four hours.

Video Explanation About Surgery

Any Alternatives Besides Surgery

If you leave things as they are, there is a high chance of the aneurysm bursting (rupturing). Also, as the aneurysm gets bigger, it becomes more difficult to operate on. Smaller operations do not work. Wrapping the aneurysm to support it, taking out the aneurysm, and filling the aneurysm to prevent it leaking are not as good as grafting the aorta. Tablets and medicines will not be helpful, neither will X-ray and laser treatment. In some very selective cases and only in highly specialized centers it is possible to place the new pipes into the aneurysm via small cuts in one or more of your leg arteries and by using special radio-logical techniques. This method however, is not widely used. The best way forward for you is to have the planned surgery.

Aortic Aneurysm Surgery Cost in India Between $4000 - $8000 *

* this is an approximate price only. Exact price will vary from patient to patient

Success Rate 96%

Surgery Package Inclusions

  1. Hospital Room Charges (For The Specified Period)
  2. Surgeon's Fees
  3. O.t. (Operation Theater) Charges
  4. Anesthesia Charges
  5. Investigations Related To The Surgery
  6. Food And Beverages For The Patient And 1 Attendant Of The Patient

Additional Services For Our Patients

  1. Meet & Greet Service Airport Pickup And Drop
  2. Dedicated Tour Manager To Be With You During Your Treatment In India
  3. Interpreter For Our Clients According To Their Native Language
  4. Chauffeur Driven Car To Our Privileged Clients
  5. Assistance In Booking Hotels/guest Houses According To Your Budget
  6. Multi Country Cuisine According To Your Home Country
  7. Indian Medical Visa Assistance

Note: Besides the above mentioned package inclusions , the Aortic Aneurysm Surgery in India package will generally also include the medications if otherwise indicated in the final treatment in India plan that Medicure Team will share with you. 

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