Cancer Treatment In India

Medicure Medical Travels has alliances with the best cancer hospitals of India. Cancer treatment in India is the cheapest in the world and many of our international clients have benefited from these affordable treatment options in India. All our hospitals are internationally accredited by JCI, NABH (Member of IsQua Council, ISO etc. The top hospitals in India have excellent infrastructure and highly qualified staff. We are proud to be associated with the top cancer hospitals in India.

It is our endeavor to provide our clients with honest and transparent treatment options and plans before they undertake cancer treatment in India. We are committed to providing our clients with the best quality services.

Why getting Cancer Treatment in India is a wise decision?

  • India has world’s most skilled and knowledgeable Cancer doctors who have vast experience of working in highly advanced cancer hospitals in USA and Europe other developed nations around the globe.
  • Indian now hospitals have the latest High-end medical technology infrastructure such as Brain Suite, Novelis TX, PET Scan, Cyber-knife , Gamma Knife, IMRT and IGRT that help in quick diagnosis and fast recovery time for the patient.
  • Best quality Drugs, Medicines and Consumables for Cancer Care are produced in India at one tenth the cost in developed nations and hence are the cheapest. These cancer drugs are also exported to world’s best hospital in different countries. This results in the lowest overall cost for world class cancer treatment in India.
  • Indian hospitals have well trained English speaking Nurses, Physiotherapists and support staff who provide a compassionate and caring environment to you.

More about getting Cancer Treatment In India

Cancer affects one out of every three women and one out of every four men in the world, according a a recent study by World Health Organization. Nevertheless despite the large scale of cancers that are occurring doctors have been able to achieve considerable success rate for cancer treatment in India and abroad. Currently the cancer treatment success rate is 70-80% for different cancer treatments.

But despite this good success rate the high cost of cancer treatment has been a deterrent to many patients who need cancer treatment.

Cancer Treatment In India

The waiting time to avail cancer treatment in Western countries is high most of the developing countries around the world do not have access to affordable cancer treatment unlike India. This is where medical industry in India is at an advantage and is the prime reason cancer patients from all over the world travel to India for cancer treatment. The cost of cancer treatment in India is the lowest and the best. Technology used for cancer treatment in India is excellent and highly advanced sometimes even more advanced than Western countries themselves.

Read About Latest Cancer Technology for Treatment in India

What are the options for getting Cancer Treatment in India

Get cancer treatment in India for all types of cancers including prostate cancers, breast cancers, cervical cancers, leukemia, brain tumors, skin cancers etc at highly affordable prices at world-class hospitals in India. Successful cancer treatment in India is offered to patients with all phases of treatments and advanced cancer treatment therapies in India that includes cancer surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy and physiotherapy. When you seek cancer treatment in India you can be assured of minimum cost maximum results.

Convenient and Affordable cancer treatment cost in India

Breast Cancer Treatment

Bone Cancer Treatment

Brain Cancer (Tumour) Treatment

Bladder Cancer Surgery

Cervical Cancer Treatment

Colon Cancer Surgery

Esophageal Cancer Treatment

Gallbladder Cancer Treatment

Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

Leukemia Treatment

Liver Cancer Treatment

Lung Cancer Treatment

Lymphedema Treatment

Lymphoma Cancer Treatment

Oral Cancer Treatment

Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Prostate Cancer Treatment

Stomach Cancer Treatment

Uterine Cancer Treatment

Whipple surgery for Pancreatic Cancer

Radio Frequency Ablation for Liver Cancer

Read About Specialized Cancer Treatments offered at World Class Hospitals in India

Breast Cancer Treatment in India

Breast Cancer Treatment India, Breast Cancer Hospitals India, Breast Cancer treatment Hospital India, Breast Cancer Treatment center India,Breast Cancer Surgery India, Low Cost Breast Cancer Treatment India, Breast Cancer Surgery, Breast Cancer Hospitals in India Most Advanced Breast Cancer Treatment at World-class Hospitals in IndiaAdvanced Breast Cancer Treatment requires a unique way with a consolidated review of the medical case from experts in Surgical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology and other concerned specialties.As we know all breast cancer cases are not the same. Hence, different tests are to be done to find out the specific cancer pattern and the extent of the cancer or it’s stages in a patient.

Brain Tumor Surgery in India

brain cancer treatment, brain cancer surgery, treatment of brain cancer, best brain cancer hospitals, best brain tumor surgeons, pituitary surgery, stereotactic radiosurgery, Brain Tumour Surgery, Removal of Brain Tumour, Brain Tumour Removal Surgery, Endoscopic Transnasal Brain Tumour Removal, Neuro Interventional RadiologyBrain Tumor is no longer a life threatening medical condition as modern sophisticated technology and advanced surgical techniques now offer a near perfect flawless brain surgery and the clinical outcome is such that patients can very soon return back to their normal life post brain tumor surgery.

Bone Marrow Transplant in India

Bone Marrow Transplant India, Stem Cell Transplantation India, Bone Marrow Transplant for Leukemia Treatment India, BMT for Sickle Cell Treatment in IndiaBone marrow transplantation (BMT) is a very highly advanced medical procedure that is used to treat the bone marrow cancer. Stem cell research is an upcoming field for treating bone marrow transplant. Bone marrow transplant which was initially thought to be incurable is today curable to to the methods available.

Bladder Cancer Surgery

Ovarian Cancer Treatment India, Ovarian Cancer Hospitals India, Ovarian Cancer treatment Hospital India, Ovarian Cancer Treatment center IndiaNowadays bladder surgery can treat almost all the different stages of urinary bladder cancer in a patient. A surgeon may either remove a small portion of the bladder or entire bladder itself to save a patient’s life or to stop further spread of cancer in the body.

Cyber-knife Radio-surgery in India

Cyberknife Cancer Treatment, Cyber Knife Robotic Radiosurgery, Cyberknife, Radiosurgery, Cyberknife India, Radio Surgery System, Cancer Treatments, Cyberknife Robotic Radiosurgery , Cyberknife Cancer, Cyberknife Treatment, Cyberknife Surgery, Cyber Knife, Cyberknife Cancer Treatment, Cyberknife Radiosurgery Treatment, Cyberknife Radiosurgery, Cyberknife Radiation, Cyberknife Prostate, Cyberknife treatment in IndiaIt is one of the most advanced robotic surgery system in the world. It is the first robotic surgery system in the world that has been designed to treat tumors throughout the body of a patient non-invasively. A non-invasive surgery does not require any cutting or slicing of the body for cancer treatment.

Colon Cancer Treatment in India

Colon Cancer, Colon Cancer Treatment in India, Colon Cancer Surgeon in India, Colon Cancer Doctor in India, Colon Cancer Hospital in India, Colon Cancer SurgeryColo-rectal cancer, is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the world today. It is also commonly known as bowel cancer. Bowel cancer is more common in developed nations than developing nations. Today colon cancer treatments are widely available and have benefitted many patients around the world.

Gamma-knife Radio-surgery in India

Gamma Knife Radiosurgery in India, Gamma Knife, Best Cancer Hospitals in IndiaGamma Knife is a kind of sem-robotic radiosurgery system. It is very precise, controlled and effective system that uses radiation to treat and control the brain tumors. GammaKnife is often called as radiosurgery system. It has been widely adopted by the hospitals in India for cancer treatment of brain.

Image Guided Radio Therapy

igrt radiation therapy in India, image guided radiation therapy, imrt radiation, intensity modulated radiation therapy in India, , cancer treatment in India, , linear accelerator, radiation therapist salary, image guided radiotherapyImage Guided Radio-Therapy (IGRT) is a newly process cancer treatment process that has revolutionized cancer treatment in India. Image Guided Radio Therapy is extremely helpful for the treatment of cancer in human body. Image Guided Radio-Therapy in India is very easily available to patients at highly affordable prices. Depending upon the type of cancer the use of IGRT is recommended.

MRI Guided Brain Tumor Surgery in India

Brain Tumor Surgery India, Advanced Brain Tumor Surgery, BrainTumor Treatment, Brain Cancer Treatment, Meningioma Brain Tumor, Brain Tumor GlioblastomaMRI Guided Brain Tumor Surgery in India is another advanced tumor removal process that helps patients by complete tumor excision by using Advanced Hi Tech Brain Suite. Indian hospitals have Asia’s only highly advanced tumor removal brain suite. This Advanced imaging technique has now been developed to enable neurosurgeons in India to aid in the removal of complex and hard-to-access brain tumors during surgery with the assistance from intra-operative MRI technology.

Ovarian Cancer Surgery in India

Ovarian Cancer Treatment India, Ovarian Cancer Hospitals India, Ovarian Cancer treatment Hospital India, Ovarian Cancer Treatment center IndiaOvarian cancer is often termed a “Silent Killer” because its symptoms are not visible and do not cause any alarm among the women until it has reached advanced stage. Therefore, it is highly recommended that an annual cancer checkup should be done by the women to prevent it’s occurrence and also to detect the ovarian cancer at an early stage.

Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer in India

Robotic Prostate Surgery in India, Robotic Prostate Treatment Hospitals in India, Prostate Cancer Treatment in India, Cancer Treatment in India, da vinci robotic surgery in india,robotic laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, laparoscopic robotic prostatectomy, robotic hysterectomy surgery, da vinci robotic surgery hysterectomy, urological surgeryThe Da Vinci master slave robotic system in India is now widely used for complete removal and treatment of prostate cancer in a patient with zero or minimal side effects to the patient. Although this system is minimally invasive, a robot assisted radical prostatectomy technique has also been developed through which doctors have evolved a unique sequence of surgical steps for prostrate cancer treatment.

HIFU Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Robotic Prostate Surgery in India, Robotic Prostate Treatment Hospitals in India, Prostate Cancer Treatment in India, Cancer Treatment in India, da vinci robotic surgery in india,robotic laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, laparoscopic robotic prostatectomy, robotic hysterectomy surgery, da vinci robotic surgery hysterectomy, urological surgeryHIFU is the latest technology that has been deveoped to treat early stage prostate cancer in patients. HIFU or High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound, as it is called, treatment of prostate cancer in India is not only highly affordable but is also quick recovery time for the patient.

Lung Cancer Surgery in India

Lung Cancer Treatment in India, Low cost lung cancer treatment India, Lung cancer surgery IndiaLung cancer is a type of cancer in which a patient has uncontrolled cell growth in tissues of the lung. This uncontrolled growth is called metastasis . If metastatis is left untreated, this uncontrolled tissue growth growth can spread beyond the lung into nearby tissue and, eventually, into other parts of the body as well.

Cervical Cancer Treatment in India

Cervical Cancer Treatment IndiaA Cancer which forms in tissues of the cervix (the organ connecting the uterus and vagina) is known as cervical cancer. This type of cancer is a slow-growing cancer which may not have symptoms but can be found with regular PAP tests. Cervical cancer in most cases is caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) infection in the patient body.

Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

hodgkins-disease-treatment-IndiaSuch cancers which affect the head and neck region are known together as head and neck cancers. Head and neck cancers usually begin in the squamous cells that line the moist, mucosal surfaces inside the head and neck. Head and neck cancer can also include cancers of the mouth, nose, salivary glands, sinuses, throat, or lymph nodes in the neck region. Most of these cancers begin from the moist tissues which line the mouth, nose and throat regions.

Liver Cancer Surgery in India

Liver-Cancer-surgery-indiaLiver has an important role in the human body. It is tasked with continuously filtering blood which circulates throughout the body. Not only this, liver also converts nutrients and drugs absorbed from the digestive tract into ready-to-use chemicals. Besides this the liver does other important roles such as removing toxins and chemical waste products from blood. After this it ready’s this filtered waste products for excretion. Since all of the blood in a body has to pass through the liver, it is accessible to cancer cells travelling in the bloodstream.

Pancreatic Cancer Surgery India

pancreatic_cancer-surgery-IndiaA human Pancreas is spongy and shaped organ which is somewhat like a fish, extended horizontally across the abdomen.Pancreatic cancers occurs in the pancreas that get affected with the cancer cells. An uncontrolled growth of the cancer in the pancreas lead to cancer.

Stomach Cancer Treatment

stomach_cancer_treatment_IndiaGastric cancers are known as stomach cancers. They are a malignant tumor which arise from the lining of the stomach. Stomach cancer is a type of cancer which may occure occur in the stomach – the muscular sac located in the upper middle of your abdomen, just below the ribs. Human stomach receives and holds the food which one eats and then helps to break down and digest this food.

Gallbladder Cancer Surgery India

Gallbladder-Cancer-treatment-IndiaGallbladder cancer is a very rare type of cancer. The cancer cells are located in the tissues of the gallbladder. The gallbladder stores bile, a fluid that is produced by the liver to digest fat in the body. When digested food is being broken down in the stomach and intestines, bile juice is released from the gallbladder through a tube called the common bile duct.

Lymphoma Cancer Treatment in India

leukemia-treatment-IndiaLymphocytes are the cells that are found in the lympho nodes. This type of cancer occurs in the lmphocyte cells of the system. Unlike other types of cancers, lymphoma occurs when lymphocytes are in a state of uncontrolled cell growth and multiply at accelareted rate. Nowdays, technology is available for Lymphoma Cancer treatment in India.

Brain Cancer (Tumour) Surgery India

brain_cancer_surgery_IndiaCancerous growth in the brain region leads to formation of tumor in the brain. A tumor, whether in brain or elsewhere, is a mass of cells which reproduce themselves in an uncontrolled way. Such kind brain tumors can be either benign or malignant. Depending upon the complexity of the brain tumor different methods of surgery maybe opted.

Esophageal Cancer Treatment

Esophageal Cancer Treatment IndiaEsophageal cancer is not detectable in the early stage of esophageal cancer and usually does not cause symptoms and hence a patient might not know about it. However, as the esophageal cancer grows, symptoms start occuring which may include painful or difficult swallowing, weight loss and coughing up blood.

Oral Cancer Treatment

oral-cancer-treatment-IndiaOral cancer can occur in any part of the mouth such as on the tongue’s surface, in the lips, inside the cheek, in the gums, in the roof and floor of the mouth, in the tonsils, and also salivary glands. Oral cancer is also a type of head and neck cancer, and it’s treatment is very similar to head and neck cancer treatment. Tobacco is a main cause of oral cancer.

Uterine Cancer Treatment

endometrial-cancer-treatment-IndiaIt is one of the most commonly occuring cancer in a woman which affects their reproductive system. Uterine cancer usually begins when normal cells in the uterus change and grow at uncontrollable rate and form a mass called as tumor. This type of tumor can be either non-cancerous or cancerous i.e. it can spread to other parts of the body as well.

Bone Cancer Treatment


Bone cancer is a cancerous tumor of the bone which destroys normal bone tissue in the human body. But not all bone tumors are malignant. In fact, benign (noncancerous) bone tumors are more common than malignant cancers.


Leukemia Treatment in India

leukemia-treatment-IndiaLeukemia is cancer of the blood cells. Leukemia starts in the bone marrow which is the soft tissue inside most bones of the bosy. The bone marrow is where blood cells are made. When a person has leukemia, the bone marrow starts to make a lot of abnormal white blood cells, called leukemia cells. This abnormal production of white blood cells gives rise to Leukemia.

Prostate Cancer Surgery India

prostate-cancer-treatment-IndiaProstate cancer is a commonly occuring cancer in men. Many new technologies have been developed lately for treatment of prostate cancer in men. Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer in India is the latest technology for late stage prostate cancer treatment. HIFU is another treatment for early stage prostate cancer treatment.

Whipple surgery for Pancreatic Cancer India

whipple-surgery-IndiaThe Whipple procedure is performed on a patient to remove the pancreatic cancers.The Whipple procedure can also be used for treating some benign kind of pancreatic lesions and cysts or cancers in the bile duct and the starting point of the small intestine (duodenum) of a human body.

Radio Frequency Ablation for Liver Cancer

radio-frequency-ablation-treatment-IndiaRadiofrequency ablation is a minimally invasive treatmenting cancer. Radio Frequency Ablation is an image-guided technique in which heat generated by the radio frequency destroys and eliminates the cancer cells, without actually removing them. By doing so the cancer cells die and the area that has been treated by Radio Frequency Ablation gradually shrinks to become only a scar tissue. RFA based cancer treatment has become very common now. The benefit of RFA based cancer treatment is that during the treatment a small area is only affected. Healthy cells around the cancer cells are not affected.

Lymphedema Treatment and Cure in India

lymphatic-treatment-IndiaLymphedema is a condition caused by the blockages in the lymphatic system. Lymphatic system forms an important part of the immune and circulatory systems in human body.This kind of blockage prevents the lymph fluid from draining properly hence the fluid build up occurs in the soft body tissues and leads to swelling. This swelling generally occurs in the arms or legs, but can also affect other parts of the body.

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