Cardiac Surgery In India

We at Medicure Medical Travels offer our patients with world class top quality cardiac surgery in best cardiac hospitals of India. We are offering most major and minor cardiac surgeries and also have a specialized unit for paediatric cardiac surgery cases. Not only does cardiac hospitals in India have the most affordable cost in the world but also have the latest cutting edge cardiac technologies. We are proud to be working with renowned and top cardiac hospitals of India. Cost of cardiac surgery in India is the cheapest in the world and is also internationally certified giving you complete peace of mind. India is the most favoured destination for medical tourism and heart surgery is the most popular procedure among the international patients.

Aortic Aneurysm SurgeryAtrial Septal Defect Surgery
Heart Valve Replacement SurgeryCarotid Angiography
Coronary AngiographyCoronary Artery Bypass Grafting Surgery
CT Angio 64 Slice Heart ScanDouble Valve Replacement Surgery
Open Heart SurgeryMitral Valve Repair Surgery
Coronary AngioplastyTetralogy of Fallot surgery (ToF)
Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) SurgeryAutomatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators AICD Surgery
Paediatric ValvuplastyPaediatric FONTAN Surgery
Pacemaker Implantation SurgeryCardiac Resynchronization Therapy CRT-D
Double Outlet Right Ventricle DORV Surgery

medical tourism India cardiac surgery cost comparisonIt is our endeavor to provide our clients with honest and transparent treatment options and plans before they undertake heart surgery in India. We are committed to providing our clients with the best quality services. Interventional Cardiology is a specialty which uses imaging techniques and strategies for the diagnosis of the diseases of the heart and blood vessel. These novel, minimally invasive, non-surgical procedures make use of mechanical treatments for the diseases of the heart and blood vessels. These procedures are mostly performed under local anesthesia, have a considerably short hospitalization and recovery period with minimal post-operative pain and discomfort. Interventional Cardiology includes a number of procedures that can be performed to the heart by means of inserting a ‘catheter’ either in your heart or in one of your blood vessels of the groin, neck or forearm.

Why Get Cardiac Surgery in India ?

Cardiac surgery is one of the most sought after surgery by international patients coming to India for treatment. There two main factors for choosing India for cardiac surgery. One is the low cost of cardiac surgery in India and the second, high quality of these surgeries. The technology being used for cardiac surgery in India is the best in the world and also the cheapest. This not the only factor the other very main reason is that all these cardiac treatment and surgeries in India are certified by international agencies such as JCI and NABH.

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