Hydrocele Surgery in India

Hydrocele Surgery in IndiaWhat is a hydrocele ?

In simple terms a hydrocele can be defined as an empty cavity that occurs in the scrotum/testicle of a male. This cavity could be a result of a number of factors like improper drainage of urine, infection in the testicle for longtime etc.. When a cavity forms between the testicle and the scrotum the liquid discharge gets collected into this cavity over a period. The main purpose of the surgery is to completely close and seal this cavity permanently.

What Causes Hydrocele ?

While there are no exact known cause of getting a hydrocele but usually newborns might be born with a cavity which occurs between the scrotum and abdomen region.

Whereas in case of adults this cavity could be a result of either an injury to the scrotum or the groin region. There is also a possibility that it could be caused due to infection or inflammation in testicles.

How Hydrocele Surgery is done ?

The surgery is usually conducted under general anaesthesia which ensures that the patient goes into sleep during the whole time. Due to the use of anaesthesia in surgery there is minimal pain and only numbness of the body below the waist occurs.

The will make an incision in the skin of the testicle. Through this incision the surgeon will first conduct a biopsy to rule out the presence of any cancerous cells. Post biopsy the liquid is removed from the hydrocele and properly drained. Once all the liquid has drained out then the surgeon stitches the covering between the scrotum and testicle with soluble stitches. Minimum gap is provided between the scrotum and testicle to prevent future occurrence of cavity.

This is a day care procedure which requires at most 2 hours to perform. Post surgery patients are usually discharged. Patients can expect a little itchiness and burning sensation systems during urination but which  usually disapperas after 2-3 days.

The doctors will do a review after 10 days to assess if there is any fluid build up or not.

Types of Hydrocele Surgeries

There are two main types of surgeries which are available:

  1. Lord's Surgery:  This surgery is done for patients having a small or medium size cavity. This surgery is quite safe and also reduces the risk of hematoma occurrence (collection of blood). However, with this type of surgery there is a very small risk that hydrocele might re-occur.
  2. Jaboulay Surgery: This surgery takes care of the recurrence problem but there is a slight increased risk of hematoma. In this surgery the hydrocele is cut away and the remaining sac is turned inside out. Thus, the surface through which the fluid secretes get in contact with the inner skin of the scrotum. This prevents the recurrence of hydrocele.

 Alternative To Hydrocele Surgery : Injection based drainage method

While it is usually recommended to get hydrocele surgery to prevent re occurrence of fluid build up in the hydrocele patients have the option of getting their fluid drained through an injection . However, such a method is not advised because chances of infection increases significantly and their also a possibility of getting cancer.

Success Rate & Risks of Surgery

There are extremely rare complications which arise which are limited to swelling or bruising only. Hydrocele surgery is considered a very safe procedure which is performed under general anaesthesia thus rules out any major complications. The success rate of this surgery in India is 99% .  Patients are advised to wear tight undergarments so that the testicles are held up in their place and there is minimum movement.

Cost of Hydrocele Surgery in India  $1000 USD - $1500 USD

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