MRI Guided Brain Tumor Surgery

The new-generation MRI Guided Brain Tumor Surgery Technology in India today helps patients by complete removal of brain tumor using the highly advanced brain suite technology available

MRI Guided Brain Tumor Surgery "Brain Suite in India"

MRI Guided Brain Tumor Surgery “Brain Suite in India”

The availability of complex “MRI Guided Brain Tumor Surgery” In India deploying latest MRI imaging method today makes it possible for Neurosurgeons -operating MRI to help with removing complicated and difficult-to- brain cancers during operation. This fresh method utilizes a powerful PC program, in just localizing a lesion which helps the doctor, in planning each stage of the process using the PC display, as well as in computing the access that is perfect to the tumor prior to the surgery.

This “MRI Guided Brain Tumor Surgery” In India is especially helpful in achieving near perfection in locating a tumor which are found deep in the brain, regions typically considered to not be easy to achieve. Throughout the process, the computer monitors tool motion with the very high-precision, providing the physician with complete handle in the mind at all occasions utilizing “real time” imaging. The doctor also can assess whether the tumor was eliminated as intended. The prognosis for the individual enhances.

Within the world class hospitals in India “MRI Guided Brain Tumor Surgery” In India has begun to make use of practical picture-advice for individuals undergoing stereotactic radio-surgery.

It’s the most innovative Neuro-medical Operating area with large field mister. This this technique allows the neurosurgeon to have MRI research on the individual throughout operation, and when tumor has stayed which was concealed to the eye, may be found by specific MRI sequences, and will be targeted using neuro routing (which operates about exactly the same theory as the Global Positioning System).

“BRAIN SUITE” in India is among very few such facilities worldwide

MRI Guided Brain Suite for Tumor Surgery in India

The brain suite has two main components. There exists a high intensity MRI reader incorporated with the image-guided medical method. The MRI reader has a broad-bore beginning enabling someone to lay on her or his aspect. Formerly, tumors that may just be obtained from the skull’s right or left side were difficult to check. This MRI method that is unique allows physicians repeat tests through the procedure to get information that is more precise regarding size, shape and the place of the tumor. This reduces difficulties related to brain cancers moving throughout removal.

Advantages and Benefits of Brain Suite Intra-Operative MRI Surgery Suite

  1. 2-area theory enables us to do check and do in-depth (in device individual that is earlier in the day will have to come in OT, undermining) as it is in separate but adjoining area.
  2. Newest mister reader, decreasing disease and supporting saving time, empowering high resolution pictures in no more than five minutes moments.
  3. Capability to do an entire selection of sequences
  4. Electronic projection onto view of neural fiber and tumour paths
  5. Advanced Pentero microscope with tumour fluorescence capacity

Different uses for doing Brain Tumor Treatment in India

  1. Intra-operative mister routing Microsurgery
  2. Endoscopic minimally-invasive Neurosurgery
  3. Trans- Nasal Removal of brain cancer through the nose
  4. Stereotactic Radiosurgery
  5. Embolization using Neuro Interventional Radiology

Advantages of using MRI Guided Brain Tumor Surgery in India over Conventional Neurosurgery to Remove Brain Tumor

Standard method that was used in neurosurgery to get rid of Brain Tumor Use of MRI Guided Brain Tumor Surgery in a Brain Suite, Next Generation Technology in a patient
  • Standard neurosurgical process like traditional craniotomy depends on physician visual image of the tumor. The doctor must devote critical attempt and period to seek out the tumour.
  •  In a few forms of tumors, the tumour may not be fully visualized by doctors and a danger is that regular brain tissue can be resected by surgeon as well as the cyst, which can lead to neurologic deficit, palsy, loss blindness of language, etc.
  • Regular brain tissue could be broken needlessly. This can lead to lengthy stay and neurologic deficit in the hospital.
  • A physician works a sub-total removal of the tumour . The effect is incomplete tumour resection that may lead to a more rapid return of neuro-logical signs and the tumour.


  • Live sophisticated new-generation computer-assisted MRI guides through the surgical procedure the doctor and therefore understands in which normal mind and tumor ends commences.
  • Increased skill to excise the tumour that was entire. Less danger of postoperative problems. Practical picture guidance with MRI permits for planning brain cyst operation and precise, non invasive pre-operative evaluation.
  • Mri-guided Brain cancer Operation enables a more complete tumour elimination with danger to surrounding tissue.
  • “Inoperable” tumours (inoperable by traditional medical methods) may be resected with mri-guided Brain Tumor Operation. Often, all these are deep-seated-comparatively benign tumours in aged individuals or adults and kids. Several tumours may be treated with this technology that was most advanced.



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