Peripheral Angioplasty

Peripheral angioplasty in India is a minimally invasive procedure where a catheter with a balloon tip is inserted into a peripheral artery (arteries in the lower abdomen, kidneys, arms, legs or feet) and inflated to compress plaque buildup. This procedure is performed in a state-of-the-art cardiovascular catheterization laboratory. A catheter is inserted into a blood vessel in the upper thigh (groin) or arm. Using high-resolution fluoroscopic (X-ray) video and film equipment, the catheter is guided through to the peripheral artery that is being treated. Once the catheter is in place the balloon is inflated and the narrowed peripheral artery is stretched open. The fatty plaque or blockage is pressed against the peripheral artery walls enlarging the diameter of the peripheral artery. After the blocked area of the peripheral artery is widened the balloon is deflated and removed. Blood flowing through the peripheral artery is increased, supplying blood to the heart.

Peripheral Stent Implant for peripheral angioplasty in India

Peripheral stents are often implanted in conjunction with balloon angioplasty. Peripheral stent implants help hold open an artery so that blood can flow through the blocked or clogged artery, and may be used to repair an aneurysm. The stent—a small, lattice-shaped wire mesh tube, props open the artery and remains permanently in place. The stent is passed through the catheter and implanted in the peripheral artery.

Recent development in stent devices has been made to help prevent restenosis, the reoccurrence of the narrowing of a blood vessel. Drug-eluting stents (DES) are coated with medication, which is actively released to the artery.

These Peripheral Angioplasty In India are performed in a cardiovascular catheterization laboratory, with local anesthesia. An IV (intravenous line) into your arm or hand will provide you with medication to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

How will Peripheral Angioplasty In India be done:

A balloon angioplasty procedure is a safe procedure performed in a procedure room called a “catheterization laboratory”, or more commonly a “cath lab”.

The cath lab is a sterile room filled with numerous medical instruments, television monitors and other equipment. When you are brought into the cath lab, you will be asked to lie flat on a procedure table. Once you are on this table your blood pressure, pulse and other vital signs will be recorded via leads connecting you to a monitor.

A peripheral angioplasty in India will be performed using local anesthesia, so you will be awake for the procedure. It is likely that your doctor will have at least one nurse assisting during the procedure.

The procedure's stages are:

  1. To start the procedure, your doctor will locate one of the large arteries that lies in either your left or right leg. This artery is called the femoral artery and is the main artery of the leg.
  2. Your doctor will wash the area and will insert local anesthesia into the area so that you won't feel pain during the procedure.
  3. A special needle is used to enter the artery in your groin. Due to the local anesthesia you should not feel pain.
  4. A harmless dye is injected at this stage into your artery, giving your doctor a better impression of the length and severity of the narrowing in your artery. The process of injecting the dye is called an angiogram.
  5. A very thin wire called a "guide wire" will be guided to the site of the narrowed part of the artery. This makes it easier to guide the angioplasty balloon to the treatment area.
  6. At the area of the narrowed artery, the balloon is inflated so that it presses against the plaque, compressing it against the artery wall.

At the end of the procedure, the guide wire and deflated balloon are removed. Firm pressure will be applied to the site where the catheter was inserted to stop any bleeding. You will also be bandaged.

Who needs Peripheral Angioplasty In India:

Symptoms of a blocked peripheral artery are pain, achiness, or heaviness in your leg that starts or gets worse when you walk. You may not need this procedure if you can still do most of your everyday activities. Your doctor can try medicines and other treatments first.

Reasons for having this Peripheral Angioplasty In India are:

  1. You have symptoms that keep you from doing daily tasks. Your symptoms do not get better with other medical treatment.
  2. You have skin ulcers or wounds on the leg that do not get better.
  3. You have an infection or gangrene on the leg.
  4. You have pain in your leg caused by narrowed arteries even when you are resting.

Before having angioplasty, your doctor will do special tests to see the extent of the blockage in your blood vessels.

Success Rate : 95%

Cost of Peripheral Angioplasty In India $3000 *

Package Inclusions :

  1. Hospital Room Charges (For The Specified Period)
  2. Surgeon's Fees
  3. O.t. (Operation Theater) Charges
  4. Anesthesia Charges
  5. Investigations Related To The Surgery
  6. Food And Beverages For The Patient And 1 Attendant Of The Patient

Implant Cost : $800-$1200 *

*  This is an approximate cost and may vary depending on the condition of the patient.

Stay in Hospital : 3 Days

Duration Of Stay In India :  7 Days

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