Single Valve Replacement Surgery

Heart valve surgery is used to repair or replace diseased heart valves. Blood that flows between different chambers of your heart must flow through a heart valve. Blood that flows out of your heart into large arteries must flow through a heart valve.

These valves open up enough so that blood can flow through. They then close, keeping blood from flowing backward.

There are four valves in your heart:

  1. Aortic valve
  2. Mitral valve
  3. Tricuspid valve
  4. Pulmonary valve

How will Single Valve Replacement Surgery In India be done:

During the single valve replacement surgery in India, the surgeon opens your chest to get to your heart and the problem valve. You will be asleep during the operation and will feel no pain.

During the majority of procedures, your heart will be temporarily stopped and you'll be put on a heart/lung machine that takes over your breathing and blood circulation. Alternatively, there are some procedures that may be performed on a beating heart. Your surgeon will decide which type of procedure is best for your particular needs.

A minimally invasive technique may also be an option for you. With recent advances in technologies and procedural techniques, more cardiac surgeons are using minimally invasive procedures to replace heart valves.

These procedures may potentially reduce pain, scarring, and your recovery time. You and your doctor will determine which method will best treat your condition.

Heart single valve replacement surgery in India is performed with one of the three types of incisions shown in this illustration. Minimally invasive surgery uses a 'mini' incision in the 'breastbone' (sternum) or under your right pectoral muscle to access the heart valve.

Who needs Single Valve Replacement Surgery :

You may need surgery if your valve does not work properly.

  1. A valve that does not close all the way will allow blood to leak backwards. This is called regurgitation.
  2. A valve that does not open fully will limit forward blood flow. This is called stenosis.

You may need heart valve surgery for these reasons:

  1. Defects in your heart valve are causing major heart symptoms, such as chest pain (angina), shortness of breath, fainting spells (syncope), or heart failure.
  2. Tests show that the changes in your heart valve are beginning to seriously affect your heart function.
  3. Your doctor wants to replace or repair your heart valve at the same time as you are having open heart surgery for another reason.
  4. Your heart valve has been damaged by infection of the heart valve (endocarditis).
  5. You have received a new heart valve in the past, and it is not working well, or you have other problems such as blood clots, infection, or bleeding.

Pricing Details

Cost of Single Valve Replacement Surgery In India USD 4500 *

Implant Cost :USD 1000-USD 3000 *

(PLEASE NOTE :  St. Jude Valve will be used for the surgery. If you want a valve of specific brand that too can be arranged)

Success Rate : 99%

Package Inclusions :

  1. Hospital Room Charges (For The Specified Period)
  2. Surgeon's Fees
  3. O.t. (Operation Theater) Charges
  4. Anesthesia Charges
  5. Investigations Related To The Surgery
  6. Food And Beverages For The Patient And 1 Attendant Of The Patient

*  This is an approximate cost and may vary depending on the condition of the patient.

Duration Of Stay in Hospital: 9 Days

Duration Of Stay In India :  14 Days

Additional Services For Our Patients

  1. Meet & Greet Service Airport Pickup And Drop
  2. Dedicated Tour Manager To Be With You During Your Treatment In India
  3. Interpreter For Our Clients According To Their Native Language
  4. Chauffeur Driven Car To Our Privileged Clients
  5. Assistance In Booking Hotels/guest Houses According To Your Budget
  6. Multi Country Cuisine According To Your Home Country
  7. Indian Medical Visa Assistance

Best Hospitals for Minimally Invasive Single Valve Replacement Surgery In India

India has some of the best hospitals for Single Valve Replacement Surgery In India. Using the latest available technology and techniques the Single Valve Replacement Surgery is done. A large of doctors and surgeons are nationally renowned for their expertise in performing Single Valve Replacement Surgery In India.

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