Getting Heart Bypass Surgery in India: First Hand Account by Nigerian Patient

Heart Bypass Surgery in India

Mr. Edeugo , a resident of Port Harcourt, recently underwent Heart Bypass Surgery in India and shares his account of his medical tour to India. He came to India for Heart Bypass Surgery which was facilitated by Medicure Medical Travels.

Edeugo was suffering from consistent chest pain, all day fatigue and these symptoms became more severe as the time progressed. He decided to consultant his local cardiologist, who suggested some medical tests. Post medical tests it became clear that Edeugo had a blockage in the coronary artery of his heart. The local doctor in Nigeria suggested immediate bypass surgery since the the blockage in heart was severe.

He decided to travel overseas for his CABG surgery and contacted the customer service at through a email. Once he reached India the hospitals and doctors sprung into action. They took good care and helped him and wife, settle down, get admission and in 3 days get his surgery done properly and smoothly.  Initially he was a little bit apprehensive but once he landed at the hospital, the experience pleasantly turned out really well. The very professional doctors at Apollo Delhi and the infrastructure really impressed him.

Edeugo decided to travel overseas for his CABG surgery and contacted the office of Medicure Medical Travels. Also he shared his medical reports and other data by sending them an email on site. People at Medicure Medical Travels were very responsive and helpful in organizing our medical tour to India. They took good care and helped him settle down, get admission in hospitals and in 3 days he got Heart Bypass Surgery done fast and smoothly. Besides the professional competence of the doctors and hospital staff it was the infrastructure of Delhi which highly impressed him.

Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) is often termed as heart bypass surgery and is the required treatment for medical cases involving coronary artery disease (CAD). Heart Bypass Surgery is one of the most safe and commonly performed procedure for Coronary artery disease(CAD).  Coronary artery disease happens due to hardening and narrowing (atherosclerosis) of the coronary arteries in the heart. These arteries become clogged with plaque (a build-up of fatty tissue, cholesterol and other harmful substances) over a long period. Such build up leads to slowing down or even stopping the blood to flow through the heart’s blood vessels. When such condition occurs the patient feels chest pain and can even have a heart attack.

Coronary Bypass Surgery is a type of surgery that is performed to treat such blocked arteries due to plaque. In Coronary Bypass Surgery a new passage is created for the blood to flow to the heart. This is achieved with the surgeon using a new healthy blood vessel from another part of the body of the patient and uses this new graft to create a bypass or detour around the blocked portion of the coronary artery. By doing so the oxygen enriched blood starts flowing again and nourishes the heart.

In case of Edeugo the doctors suggested and lined him up for Heart bypass Surgery in India. His surgery was performed by top cardiac surgeon of India. Post operation Edeugo had  somewhat of a groggy and disoriented feeling (due to the surgery) but this feeling went away in few days. Also there was a  little pain and discomfort in the sites of incisions in the leg (from where the blood vessel was taken) and chest but Painkillers were administered to relive the discomfort. He was discharged from the hospital within five days. In this period, tests were conducted on him to assess and monitor his condition. The Heart Bypass Surgery in India was a complete success.

Post surgery  after spending few more days in India and after thorough check-up the doctors gave him fit to fly signal and he returned to his home country, Nigeria. However as in all Heart Bypass Surgery  cases to fully recover it took him a few months or more. It is very important to have a controlled diet during the recovery period. After full recovery, he joined a cardiac rehabilitation program conducted in Nigeria. This program teaches stress management techniques and other important issues like managing diet and exercise techniques. All these initiatives helped Edeugo to rebuild his strength and confidence again. Now one year after his heart bypass surgery he has got back to his regular routine and exercising.

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