Getting Kidney Transplant Surgery in India: Patient Testimonial Nigeria

Getting Kidney Transplant Surgery in India: Patient Testimonial Nigeria

Mrs. Ariyo, Nigeria

This is based on our series of interviews that we conduct with our patients who come to India for treatment. Today we have a conversation with Mrs. Ariyo (Name Changed) from Enugu State, Nigeria. Mrs. Ariyo recently underwent a kidney transplant surgery in India.

Q1. What were you diagnosed with?

I live in Enugu State in Nigeria. I was suffering from kidney failure for 4-5 years or so and was having regular dialysis sessions every week at my local hospital. Though dialysis did provide me with some relief it was very temporary.

Q2. How did you come to know about medical tourism?

During one of my dialysis session I got into a conversation with the lady sitting beside me. We both were having dialysis and were lamenting about the poor facilities for kidney patients in Nigeria. During the conversation she told me that she was going to India next month with her family for kidney transplant surgery. Till that time I wasn’t aware that such options for getting kidney transplant abroad existed in Nigeria.

Q3. Why did you choose India as a medical travel destination?

After that conversation I started reading about medical tourism India. My research led me to various success stories of patients who got kidney transplant surgery in India. I was also surprised to find out that getting a kidney transplant surgery in India was highly affordable. There and then I made up my mind to get surgery in India.

Q4. Why did you choose Medicure Medical Travels?

Kidney Transplant Surgery in IndiaMy research took me to Medicure Medical Travels website where I found out that they have a long experience in medical tourism industry. In fact many Nigerian patients choose Medicure Medical Travels to get surgery in India. My interaction with them was very good. They assisted me and provided excellent consultation in organizing my medical tour to India.

Q5. How was your Kidney Transplant Surgery in India?

I was highly satisfied with the treatment and doctors. Medicure Team provided me with treatment options from certified hospitals so there wasn’t any issue with quality. The cost was also very competitive. The best thing was that there weren’t any treatment cost escalations. Everything was done within the quoted cost.

Q6. Were you satisfied with your hospital in India?

The hospital I choose is one of the best kidney transplant hospital in India. The hospital staff

was very caring and professional. After my kidney surgery it took around 1 month to recover for me and my cousin (donor).

Q7. Any tips that you would like to share?

Fortis Hospital Delhi India

The first tip that I would like to share with future medical tourists is the need of a medical travel consultant. Like I took the services of Medicure Medical Travels for my medical tour to India. The hospitals can only take care till we are in the hospital but not outside the hospital. Also we don’t know which hospital or doctor to choose. There are so many decisions to be made.

Q8. Was your medical tour to India worthwhile?

Absolutely! No doubt about it. The treatment I got in India won’t have been possible in Nigeria at all. The treatment was very cost effective and within our budget.

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