Heart Valve Replacement Surgery in India: Patient Testimonial Iraq

This is based on our series of interviews that we conduct with our patients who come to India for treatment. Today we have a conversation with Mr. Salah from Baghdad, Iraq. Mr. Salah recently underwent a successful DVR double Heart Valve Replacement Surgery in India.

Q1. What were you diagnosed with?

I was diagnosed with valve regurgation and was advised double valve replacment surgery. My weight was 109 kilos and there was constant swelling in my legs. Also I used to huff if I walked longer distances.Iraq does not have a good healthcare infrastructure now and the one’s that remain have a very high wait-time.

Q2. How did you come to know about medical tourism?

It is very common in Iraq that patients travel to India for getting treatment. Many of my friends and family have already been to India for treatment. So I knew what medical tourism India is. Besides this just recently my elder sister underwent treatment in India.

Q3. Why did you choose India as a medical travel destination?

I had two options. Either to get treatment in India or in UK. But I choose India for many factors. First, it was due to closer proximity of Iraq to India due to which travel time is very less. Secondly, there is a very wide difference between the surgery cost in India and UK. Also the medical visa process for India is esier than the tedious medical visa process for UK.

Q4. Why did you choose Medicure Medical Travels?

My elder sister also went to India for treatment through Medicure Medical Travels and so have many of my friends and relatives. What I especially like about Medicure Medical Travels is their honesty and transparency. They have proven to be very good hosts everytime and have provided us with an honest advice whenever we seek it. I’m highly impressed by the services and quality.

Q5. How was your treatment in India?

When I went for the double Heart Valve Replacement Surgery in India I was surprised to find out that I had a very low blood platelette count and also ulcers in my stomach. But the doctors were very supportive and first treated my ulcers and then the low blood platelette count. After which they proceed for the valve replacement surgery. I’m happy that I choose minimally invasive Heart Valve Replacement Surgery in India. Although a bit costly there were several advantages. Secondly, I choose to have tissue valves rather than the regular mechanical valves.

Q6. Were you satisfied with your hospital in India?

The hospital was very good and the staff was very professional. The nurses took good care of me and the doctors were very helpful in attending to my queries. Overall the hospital in India is very good, clean and big. Since it is certified by JCI hence there was no reason to worry. I’m very happy that I got my treatment in this hospital as recommended by Medicure Medical Travels. Otherwise, I was going to choose other hospital just because I read about it on the internet.

Q7. Any tips that you would like to share?

There are plenty of Arabic food restaurants in Delhi. Hence, there shouldn’t be any issue with food. Also the available accomodations suit everyone’s budget. My big advice would be to get treatment in India through a consultant. The consultant takes care of every minor issues and by doing so you are free of tension.

Q8. Was your medical tour to India worthwhile?

Of course it was. How would I be sitting here and giving you an interview ? Another added advantage of the surgery was that I lost 18 kilos. I now weigh 91 kilos. Also there is no swelling and I can walk freely. I think the best decision I took was to go for minimally invasive valve replacement surgery. My recovery time was very fast. I was discharged within 5 days after surgery. And lastly I enjoyed Indian food, malls and Delhi monuments.


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