What to know before getting a knee replacement surgery

What to know before getting a knee replacement surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery Process

By Omar A Siddiqui, Managing Director, Medicure Medical Travels

Before you step out to get a knee replacement surgery it would be worthwhile to read what you should expect. Getting a knee replacement has become much more easier and faster compared to earlier times. The complexity of getting knee replaced has reduced due to the advancement in various techniques of doing knee surgery such as key-hole based knee surgery or the minimally invasive knee surgery.  These advancements have also led to faster recovery time for the patients. Also low cost of knee replacement surgery is due to these technological advancements.

Getting a knee replaced is a big decision and before you decide to get a knee replacement surgery done it would be advisable to have a complete knowledge of the process and what it takes to get a knee replacement done. Another thing worth mentioning is that knee replacement surgery are sometimes marketed as “one size fits all” which is in fact completely false. There are certain conditions which should be met by the patient before they can be considered for getting a knee replacement surgery done. Also younger patients are not advised knee replacement surgery due to the limited shelf of a knee implant which would require few surgeries over lifetime.

A knee replacement surgery patient can be categorized into age related knee issues, accident related issues or due to deformity of knees etc. The major points a patient should factor in before opting for the surgery is the treating doctor/surgeon, hospital, technology used for surgery, implant used and post surgery rehabilitation and the main important point cost of knee replacement surgery.

  1. Doctor/Surgeon : A doctor/surgeon specializing in knee replacement surgeries with special on key hole arthroscopy based surgery or minimally invasive surgery would be a good choice. It would also be helpful to interact personally with the doctor and also their previous patients, if possible. Also don’t be shy to ask your doctor/surgeon any specific queries or concerns that you might. Most of them will be readily available to help you with your concerns.
  2. Hospital : Getting where to get your surgery is as important as choosing from whom to get your surgery. There are hundreds of hospitals today offering knee replacement surgeries. But which hospital should you choose? You should shortlist hospitals based on their location, accreditation, facilities available during your stay, post surgery program, their orthopedic surgery team and lastly the cost of the surgery. Another important point that patients overlook is to see if the post-surgery rehabilitation is covered in the cost of knee replacement surgery or not.
  3. Technology : The technology that is being used to do the knee replacement surgery is equally as important as other things.
    Knee Arthroscopy

    Knee Arthroscopy

    With the improvisation of knee replacement technologies different technologies are available such as a key-hole based knee arthroscopy, minimally invasive knee surgery or even non invasive knee surgery. Depending upon your condition the doctor will recommend the type of technology to be used. But also note that such surgeries will typically cost more than the conventional invasive knee surgeries. But the increased cost is justified because the recovery time is also faster.

  4. Implant: Another extremely important factor that patients tend to overlook is the implant used in the knee replacement surgery. An implant is the device that will be actually fitted in your knees. It is of extreme importance. Type and quality of knee implant will determine your knee condition and how it will affect you in future. Sometimes patients in a hurry to get low cost knee surgery and cut cost of knee surgery settle with implants of lesser quality and lesser known brands. But in the long run the same implants will give them trouble and they have to go for knee revision surgery.
    ceramic knee implant

    Ceramic knee implant

    The total cost incurred in doing so almost twice than the patient would have incurred by going for a good quality implant in the first place. Some of the top manufacturers of knee implants are Stryker , Medtronics etc. Also there are the new types of ceramic knee implants which although are costlier but have extremely long life and durability.

  5. Post surgery rehabilitation: Post knee replacement surgery the patients undergo a post surgery rehabilitation program where physiotherapy sessions are done to enable the patients to walk and adjust walking after getting the knee implants. These sessions can start as soon after 2 days after the surgery or can even be conducted after 5 days post surgery. The programs involves assisted walking and then later on unassisted walking. It should be noted that full pressure shouldn’t be applied on the knees post surgery up until 1 month after surgery. This is to enable the knee implant to set into proper position in the knee.
  6. Surgery Cost: Getting affordable surgery is the dream of many patients. If proper research is done then getting low cost knee replacement surgery is possible. Medical tourism has also made it possible to get affordable high quality knee replacement surgeries in countries such as India, Thailand, Malaysia etc. A knee replacement surgery  in India will cost only USD $ 4500 which is 80% cheaper than getting the same in developed countries such as US, Europe etc. The savings are significant hence many year thousands of patients travel from different parts of the world to these medical tourism destinations to get knee replacement surgery.

Now it will become clear how patients should plan on getting their knee replacement surgery done. Getting a surgery done is the easier part but getting a surgery after proper research is the difficult part, But getting a surgery after research will only help in saving money, getting the most out of your money and also help in complete peace of mind. We at Medicure Medical travels have also assisted hundreds of patients in making correct decisions before and after getting knee replacement surgery in India.

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