Liver Cirrhosis Treatment Cost At Best Hospitals In India

split liver transplant surgery in India

Liver Cirrhosis Treatment has now become highly advanced and affordable as well. With the advent of cutting edge precision technologies Liver Cirrhosis Treatment has now achieved a significant increase in success rate compared to earlier Liver Cirrhosis Treatment that were done. Also these advancements have led to decrease in discomfort levels to Liver Cirrhosis Treatment patients. This leads to better and faster recovery in Liver Cirrhosis patients.

Liver Cirrhosis is the scarring of a healthy liver in which the healthy tissues of the liver are replaced with scarring tissues on the liver. This process takes period over a long time and is not immediate. These scarring tissues lead to scarred liver which severely impedes the functioning of the liver in processing blood flowing through it, nutrients , medicines etc. Hence, many Liver Cirrhosis patients are unable to quickly detect the changes in their liver.

Liver transplant surgery is the only appropriate Liver Cirrhosis Treatment. Liver transplant surgery in India has grown tremendously in the last decade and is among the most popular medical treatment among the medical tourists who visit India. Not only is the liver transplant surgery cost in India highly affordable but also qualitative with international certifications. Medicure Medical Travels has consistently been at the fore front in offering Liver Cirrhosis Treatment in India.

Before undergoing liver transplant surgery for Liver Cirrhosis Treatment both the patient and the need to undergo physical and medical evaluation. Also it is important to note that before proceeding for liver transplant surgery in India all the conditions for donor selection and legal obligations have to be met. Another misinformation that medical tourists who come for Liver Cirrhosis Treatment in India , have is that donor is arranged in India itself. We would again like to clarify that donor has to be bought by the patient themselves for getting liver transplant surgery in India. Kindly don’t be swayed or misled by promises of arrangement of liver transplant surgery donor in India by hospitals or medical tourism companies in India. Doing so is punishable by law and carries strict penalty and jail term.

Also for Liver Cirrhosis Treatment the liver transplant surgery cost in India is approximately $35000 USD. This liver transplant surgery cost includes both the patient and donor surgery and stay in hospital. Liver Cirrhosis Treatment Cost At Best Hospitals In India is one fifth the cost in other parts of the world. And this low cost does in no way impact the quality of treatment which are certified by international certifying organizations.

Patients coming for Liver Cirrhosis Treatment in India should expect to stay in hospital for approximately 28 days pre and post liver transplant surgery. Whereas donors for liver transplant surgery in India can expect to stay for 10 days in hospital. Liver Cirrhosis Treatment requires this longer stay in hospital so that the patients are fully recovered. A liver transplant surgery patient is highly susceptible to infection post surgery and hence this extended stay in hospital is required.

We at Medicure Medical Travels have always stressed upon offering informative and honest information for our patients.

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