Going to India for medical treatment from Nigeria

India Nigeria Medical TourismMedicure Assist has been successfuly treating and providing healthcare services to patients from across the Globe who are seeking cost effective and quality surgery in India. We have started this informative page for our health seeking friends and patients from Nigeria which covers all the aspects of traveling to India from Nigeria for excellent medical care and getting treatment in India.

Medicure Assist is the first, registered company (Government of India), health care and medical tourism assistance group of India headquartered in India's capital New Delhi. Medicure Assist is the leading medical tourism service provider of India helping the health care demands of Nigerian citizens seeking all types of clinical treatments and operations in India and International Patient Care consultancy. Our practices and the hospitals in our international organization are one of the most sophisticated medical facilities in the world, with special systems carefully designed for the patients demands.

Medical Travels provides it's clients the biggest network of health care providers- doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, surgeons and practitioners of India. We're totally compliant for all our administrative protocols and services thus ensuring best practices and needs and an ISO QMS certified organization.


Why patients from Nigeria trust us for their medical treatment needs

India has among the finest licensed professionals in every single medical discipline, which fact has been recognized all over the world. On the subject of the Medical Facilities, India Nigerians Getting Treatment in Indiahas world class Medical Facilities with outstanding
infrastructure and the most qualified physicians. With most competitive prices India today is quite a rewarding destination for patients needing medical treatment of specific medical issues. World Class Medical Facilities, similar with the western countries are offered by India. India has state of the art the finest licensed physicians and Hospitals. With the greatest infrastructure, the greatest facilities that are Medical, accompanied with the most competitive costs, you will get the treatment done at the lowest costs in India.

Nigerian Citizens have become sensitive towards their well-being conditions. Patients would rather travel abroad for medical direction, since the medical infrastructure isn't so highly developed in Nigeria. It's been the situation in past additionally when just the the wealthy traveled to Europe and USA for health care.

Medicure Assist has now become the favored Health Care and Service Provider for Nigerian Patients and has been at the vanguard in executing the needs, for the following reasons

  1. High Quality World Class Medical Care backed by certifications
  2. Medical Tourism and international awards
  3. Economic and Affordable Treatment pricing with guaranteed savings
  4. JCI Certified Worldwide Accredited Hospitals with quality control and outstanding infrastructure
  5. Zero Wait Time For Operations
  6. Right forwards - booking process that is straightforward
  7. Low cost - a small percentage of the price than a similar operation in USA
  8. Low hazard - the greatest standards of clinical care & operation of world
  9. Lowest disease rates
  10. Total patient support service - service that is 24/7
  11. No physicians' referral needed
  12. Specialist consultations - consultations at brief notice & scans, clinical investigations
  13. High speed delivery
  14. Receptive to Nigerian patients wants

Besides this the Indian hospitality , love and care is the the symbol of Indianess. You are welcome to visit us and get medical treatment in India

Procedure For Getting Medical Treatment in India
  1. The case and the reports is analysed by our senior surgeons/doctors for a comprehensive medical viewpoint that is subsequently communicated to the patient for the patient plan and to comprehend farther.
  2. The procedure starts with the patient discussing their medical condition on telephone with our health care supervisor or sending their query by e-mail in addition to medical history.
  3. As a protocol not less than 4 Specialists for Unbiased Complete Medical Views study all OUR patients reports.
  4. After this the patient can travel to India on pre-Confirmed dates.
  5. We also help our patients from Nigeria in getting medical visa acceptance plus we additionally organize all logistic and traveling associated conditions.

Medicure Assist has consistently provided it's clients with genuine medical travel help. We consistently followed our doctrine of "customer first". We believe in providing quality medical travel options to our clients and work as a team. We request one to read some medical travel India reviews of our previous clients.

Some Leading Hospitals in India

Our Network is spread with support in 25 cities and the logistics services present. On the basis of the patients' medical reports, our specialists advocate them the most appropriate facility for his or her medical direction. The recommendation also takes into account the patient's family's monetary aspect, air connectivity of the destination of the clinical treatment and the patient's home town and the duration of the period of time that the patient would have to remain in India. We understand that based on individual patients wants these have become key elements on which the patient's choice is based. Besides the Corporate Hospitals our network additionally distributes to Trust Hospitals, Multi Specialization Nursing Homes, Brand Practices and Market Hospitals where treatments are considerably cheaper.
Following are a few of the Corporate Hospitals and Practices where our Nigerian patients can get the greatest desired quality clinical treatment connected

BL Kapoor Hospital Delhi

A 650 bed Multi-Speciality Hospital in the heart of West Delhi, No.1 Cancer Hospital in Delhi - India, Best Bone Marrow Transplant Team in India, Leading Kidney Transplant Team in India, and Best Doctors in Delhi/NCR. Get the best kidney transplant in India at BL Kapoor Hospital.

Fortis Hospitals India

Fortis Hospital runs one of the biggest Cardiac programmes of the world. The Fortis Hospital at Noida of the group, next door to Delhi, is the leading tertiary care facility in India. The group also performs operations that are cutting edge in various specialties.

Artemis Hospital Gurgaon

 Multi specialty hospital - Artemis Hospital is one of the best hospital in India and Asia for cosmetic and plastic surgery. Plastic surgery in Delhi – Gurgaon. Artemis is a largest and top private hospital in India which offers all kind of the aesthetic plastic / cosmetic surgeries at affordable prices.

Columbia Asia Hospital India

Columbia Asia hospitals are clean, efficient, affordable and accessible. The innovative design of Columbia Asia hospitals,  from their manageable size to their advanced technology, is focused on creating the most positive experience for patients.

READ MORE: Complete List of World-class Hospitals in India

Besides these we have a network of Specialized Clinics and Nursing Homes for budget patients.

Indian Embassies Located in Nigeria


364, Cadastral Zone, Central Business Area (CBD), FCT Abuja
Tel. +234-7080622800-4 (5 lines) | Fax. +234-7080622805


8-A Walter Carrington Crescent, P.M.B. 80128, Victoria Island, Lagos

Tel: +234 -01-4480876/4480877 | Fax: +234- 01-4480882

Requirements for Getting Indian Medical Visa

( Please visit Indian Embassy site for all visa  requirements www.indianhcabuja.com)

  1. Return air tickets.
  2. Yellow Fever Certificate is compulsory for the visit to India.
  3.  Bank statement for last three months.  The Account’s statement should be certified by the bank and must indicate the name of the applicant, full address and telephone/fax numbers
  4.  A separate letter giving full details of previous visits to India, including periods of stay
  5.  Your CV/bio-data
  6.  A separate letter which gives your present occupation and detailed purpose of your intended visit to India.
  7.  In case of someone else bank-statement, please enclose the affidavit of the person sponsoring the expenses along with the copy of the photo identity card bearing the signature of the sponsor.
  8. Letter from the local hospital/doctor
  9. Complete copies of treatment record from the local hospital
  10. Letter from the Indian hospital which must also be mailed by the hospital authorities to High Commission at High Commission’s mail box (see above)
  11. Proof of relationship of accompanying the patient and a letter indicating relationship
  12. Certificate from panel doctor/hospital after examination of the patient’s condition, requirements and availability of the treatment in India.

Contact emails for consular information are:

For Abuja office: hoc.abuja@mea.gov.in | cons.abuja@mea.gov.in

For Lagos office: fs1@hcilagos.org | consvisa@hcilagos.org

For More Visa Details Click Here

Testimonials Of Nigerian Patients Who Got Medical Treatment in India

We have been treating an average of 100 patients every year from Nigeria and the numbers have been rising every year. Our Fellow Brothers and Prospective Patients would like to see the reviews of previously operated patients.

Mr. Nafiu, Cochlear Implant Surgery

I had come to India for Cochlear implant surgery. I found the Medicure Assist team to be competent and hardworking. They took full care of mine during the stay. After the implant surgery I had extremely help physiotherapy and voice sessions. Now I'm able to hear again. Thank you Medicure Team.

Mr. & Mrs. Prescott, Hip Replacement Surgery

My wife underwent knee replacement surgery in India. Medicure Assist assisted us during our stay in India. Our hospital was extremely good and professional. I got American made implants for my wife. She can know walk without and limp and there is also no pain during walking. Thanks to Medicure Team we even visited Taj Mahal after the surgery.

Mr. Dara, Brain Tumor Surgery

I had cranial brain tumor surgery in India. My neighbor introduced me to Medicure who took over my case. Not only was my treatment very cheap but also I was discharged within 2 days after the surgery. Everybody was surprised by my fast recovery. I'm extremely grateful to Medicure staff for their help during my stay in India

Mrs. Elizabeth, Lumbar Spinal Injury

I had an accident in Lagos due to which I injured my spine. The doctor there recommended me to have spinal surgery at the earliest to relieve the pain. My doctor guided me to Medicure who we very helpful in arranging my treatment in India. The MAX hospital was very good and the doctor was superb. My best wishes to Medicure for helping me with the treatment. God bless you !

Mr. Idogbe, Knee Replacement Surgery

I was very impressed with the care I received at the NOVA speciality. The hospital is excellent with world-class facilities. The doctors and staff all spoke English and were very caring. They carried out their work professionally and satisfactorily. I would recommend anyone to go through The Medicure Assist as they organized my treatment in a prompt manner and ensured that I was seen by the best specialists. The services I received from MEDICURE ASSIST and the hospital were fantastic and value for money.

Mr. Blakk, Heart Valve Surgery

My husband had heart valve surgery in India recently. I'm very thank to Medicure Assist for getting my husband treated in the best hospital of India. The doctors were very hardworking and very caring. I still miss India and especially the spicy chicken tikka which is now my all time favorite food.

 Mrs. Azibola, LASIK Surgery

I came to India for LASIK surgery. I wanted to go spectacles free for a long time. Medicure Assist organized my medical tour to India. They helped in everything from getting the visa to getting treatment at the best eye hospital in Delhi. My LASIK surgery in India lasted for only 2 hours and within 3 days I was able to see without my spectacles. I highly appreciate your help Medicure Team!

Mrs. Ariyo, Nigeria, Kidney Transplant

I am very happy to have chosen Medicure Assist for getting treatment in India. They helped me alot during my stay in India. My father had to undergo a kidney transplant in India and Medicure Team took full care of us during our time in India. I would also like to thank Dr. Puri for doing successful kidney surgery.

Mr. Eze, Port Harcourt, Brain Tumor & Radiotherapy

Nigerian Patients in IndiaI had tumor in my brain and the doctors recommended me to get immediate treatment in India . I had to stay 2 months in India for my tumor surgery and radiotherapy sessions post-surgery. My stay was wonderful and the best thing was to get Nigerian food during my stay in India. My sincere thanks to the whole staff. I will see you soon.

Mrs. Johnson, Unilateral Knee Replacement Surgery

I had a unilateral knee replacement surgery in India. The hospital doctors and the Medicure Team were extremely helpful during our stay in India. The Medicure Team took full care of my family and took us for shopping tours also after my surgery. All in all it was a very good experience for us. Thanks alot Medicure.

Mr. Sani, Hernia Surgery

Thank you for everything!!! You were fantastic, friendly and professional in planning and coordinating the check-up, leaving me to enjoy my holiday. The facilities were modern and great value for money. My hernia surgery in India was very smooth and I have now fully recovered

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