Medical Tourism gives Iraqi patient in India a new life

Medical Tourism gives Iraqi patient in India a new life

An Iraqi girl experienced a lifesaving surgery in India at Paras Hospitals for the elimination of a malignant cancer tumor development in the neck that destroyed her food tube along with her voice-box, which made it difficult for her to have food and eat anything.

Almost a year ago, Saana got a surgical operation in Iraq to get a thyroid-associated issues corrected. But, the operation failed and led to serious issues in her state. She began considering medical travel to India to get herself the treatment and have a shot at life.

“The individual situation was so that that whatever she consumed would emerge by way of a lesion in her throat. Yet another round of evaluation, including a biopsy, disclosed it was  cancer developing out of her food pipe or oesophagus,” mentioned advisor GI Surgery Rakesh Dhurkhare.

The 37-year old Iraqi patient ultimately found a medical facility in India where she could get the surgery done. The physicians made a decision to get rid of the food tube and voice-box so that they can save her lifes.

“The cancer development was 8-month old and was eliminated after a long 10 hour operation,” stated Dr. Dhurkhare.

“The foods tube was re-built by yanking up the gut and linking it to the  healthier part of the the food pipe. The surgical procedure to get rid of the larynx called for a repair process allow her to talk after healing . The cancer originating in the the food pipe had eroded her voice-box and even been harmful to half of her larynx.”

“The cancer was high-up in the throat, therefore we needed to to create a new foods pipe up to the base of the tongue. Additionally, half the gut cannot be used to make new food pipe as it had been ruined through the last operation,” he added.

Five days post surgery in Inda, she was able to consume water after more than 8 long months.

Thanks to medical tourism India one more patient benefited by the availability of  affordable and high quality treatments. It is the endeavour of medicure medical travels to provide medical tourists from abroad the right medical treatment in India.