Get medical treatment in India: Guide

What is medical tourism India exactly?

medical-tourism-indiaIn plain simple words medical tourism refers to people who travel to different places all over the world for medical treatments. Now this travelling to other countries for treatment can be due to a variety of reasons. Sometime, the people have long waiting period in their home countries. This is generally applicable to countries where there is social healthcare system where people get assistance from the state. Whereas sometimes the people travel to other countries for treatment as they have a poor healthcare infrastructure or not too advanced healthcare medical technologies in their home country.

There is also a section of people who combine their holiday with medical treatments. They get a good holiday as well as get themselves treatment. But it is generally seen that such kind of people are not too large in numbers and also they opt for basic treatments such as dental, eye or cosmetic etc. which do not require stay at hospital and usually day care.

Why get medical treatment in India?

People are opting to get medical treatment in India due to a variety of reasons. Let us list down what are the reasons for people opting for medical treatment in India

  • Geographical location i.e. near their home country e.g. Afghanistan, Oman, Sri Lanka, UAE etc.
  • Cheaper in terms of treatment cost as well as cost of staying
  • International quality and proven track record of Indian Hospitals
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Liberal visa rules
  • Strong reputation worldwide in IVF, Orthopedics & Spine, Neurology, Cardiology surgery in India
  • Because their relatives and neighbors and friends of friends went to India.
  • Indian Hospitals Offices in their home country also influenced their decision
  • Presence of their countrymen in India such as Afghani’s, Iraqi’s, Africans etc.
  • Easier access to translation services specially for Arabic and Pashtu
  • Presence of practicing doctors of their home country in India

Word of mouth has played the most important role in making India the preferred destination for people coming from Middle Eastern, South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) , African countries, UK, USA and Canada.

Why it’s beneficial to get medical treatment in India?

There are plenty of benefits to get medical treatment in India. Apart from the affordable and quality treatments (which you already know about) we will list out some of the other good reasons and benefits of opting for treatment in India.

  • Fast and easy access to doctor’s diagnosis, cost of treatment, duration stay in India. In short you can get the whole package cost at absolutely no cost and most importantly very fast.
  • Very liberal and simple medical visa formalities. The processing time for medical visa for India is short.
  • Even the cost of treatment can adjusted according to one’s budget. There are smaller equally good hospitals catering to specific specialties. These are comparable to the super specialty large hospitals in terms of service and reputation.
  • Cost of stay is very cheap and people can stay according to one’s budget.
  • You are most likely to meet your fellow countrymen during your treatment period
  • Availability of home country cuisine
  • Historically and culturally very rich place.

What hurdles one can expect to get medical treatment in India?

Yes, people face hurdles. Let’s be honest on that

There are always some hurdles or difficulties which one experiences where ever they go. In case of medical tourism in India too one does face hurdles or difficulties. And this is not just the case with India if you are to go to other any country as well you will face some difficulty or hurdle.

  • Translation Issues – People conversant in English do not face any difficulty as such but people speaking other language such as Arabic or Pashto face considerable difficulty. Yes, translator is provided by the hospital but please be aware that the translator will not be with you 24×7 and would be available in hospital premises only. Suppose you have to go somewhere such as restaurant, pharmacy, departmental store, take a taxi, take directions etc. it will be quite difficult to converse. So it’s always a wise decision to hire a translator during your stay.
  • Hotel/Guest location  Before you make a reservation yourself or ask your facilitator to make one for you do check the location of the hotels/guest houses. You can use Google maps to atleast get an idea how far is it. There is no point at having your hospital somewhere and hotel somewhere else. Please Note: People stay in Hotel/Guest house post discharge from hospital if they want to relax and see the city or to stay for a few days to be sure that they face no difficulty after treatment.During the treatment you stay in the hospital itself with your companion. All hospitals have built in rooms like hotel. Below are the pictures of some of the hospital rooms to give you an idea.
  • Medical Diagnostics – Diagnostic services such as CT Scan, MRI etc. are cheaper outside than in hospitals. If you want to save up on your money get these diagnostic tests done outside. These diagnostic centers are But some more advanced form of tests can only be conducted in hospitals only because they have that equipment to carry out the tests. It would be advisable to compare the prices.

History Of Medical Tourism In India


In India, medical tourism began many centuries ago in the form of Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine. As early as 5000 years ago, constant streams on medical travellers and spiritual students flocked to India to seek the benefits of these alternative-healing methods.

Long before modern medical practice came into existence Ayurveda was practised by the doctors. Even today Yoga and Ayurveda are immensely popular amongst people in the world.  Ayurveda uses naturally occurring herbs for treatments and Yoga can be said to be a type of aerobics that gives strength, agility and health to the body. Kerala in India is said to be the capital of Ayurveda in the world. Many complex medical conditions have been treated by this simple Ayurveda. For  your wellness and relaxation we always ask our clients to visit Kerala and experience the soothing Ayurveda massage in the famous backwaters of Kerala.

Why it’s a better choice to get medical treatment in India


We always encourage and emphasise our clients to read why you should choose to get treatment in India. This is necessary because we want our clients to fully know the benefits of travelling to India for treatment. We give our clients honest fact based opinions.

India has many benefits for patients intending to come to India for treatment. Some of the benefits are the presence of certified hospitals which give you peace of mind that you going into the safe hands. Today there are more than 18+ JCI Certified International Hospitals in India and many more are in the process of certification. These are super speciality global chains of hospitals having some of the best infrastructure and doctors in the world. Added to this is the advantage of getting treatment in India at highly affordable cost that result in savings of over 75% compared to the same treatment with same quality in Western countries.

Why Get medical treatment in India

There are plenty of options as to why you should get medical treatment in India. Some of them are :

  • High Quality World-Class Medical Care backed by international awards and certifications
  • Economical and Affordable Treatment pricing with guaranteed savings of over 75%
  • JCI Certified Internationally Accredited Hospitals with excellent infrastructure and quality control
  • Use of World-Class Implants and Consumables sourced from USA, Europe, UK etc.
  • Zero Wait Time For Surgeries Get surgery in India as soon as you arrive with no wait-time
  • Highly Professional and Efficient English speaking staff
  • Hassle Free Indian Medical Visa issuance for the patients and their family members
  • Patient Friendly Country encouraging patients to get treatment in India with full Indian hospitality

How We Can Help

We help you in getting treatment in India with complete peace of mind with our personalized services

  • Internationally Certified Global Hospitals backed with robust Medicure Treatment Assistance
  • Largest Hospitals and Doctors on our network  Get multiple choices from multiple sources
  • Dedicated patient co-ordinators and interpreters during full course of medical treatment in India
  • Over 4+ years of experience and 100+ clients served from across the globe
  • No additional service charge or processing – Get treatment at the same price no last minute cost escalations
  •  Client Care and Support 24×7 – We have dedicated support for each of our client
  • Same Treatment Prices As Hospitals But With MORE facilities and personalized services 
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