Indore surgeons perform advanced stereotaxic pinless knee replacement surgery in India

A team of city-based surgeons have successfully performed a stereotaxic pinless knee replacement surgery in India on a patient suffering from arthritis for a decade. This is the first such advanced surgery that has been performed in central India and sixth in the country. In the past, it has been done in metros such as Mumbai and Chennai.

The knee replacement surgery in India was conducted on a 73-year-old patient Rabab Bai Bohra from Khargone in Madhya Pradesh. The surgery involves a computer-assisted stereotactic surgical instrument system that aids in the positioning of orthopedic implant system components intra-operatively. It involves surgical instruments and position sensors to determine alignment axes in relation to anatomical landmarks.

Dr Sunil Rajan, senior orthopedic surgeon at Synergy Hospital, said, "While computer navigation is common in replacement surgeries, what separates pinless navigation system from other techniques is that it's less invasive and more accurate for patients than traditional knee replacement techniques".

He said that the pinless system uses an infrared camera and instruments along with tracking software to continually monitor the position and alignment of implant components in relation to the patient's anatomy. "With the pinless technology, 85% of the implanted knee joints had ideal or very good alignment, compared with 55% of the implanted knee joints that were fitted with traditional mechanical instrumentation. This is the first such knee replacement surgery in India in Central India and sixth in the country," Dr Rajan said.

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