18-hour old baby India’s youngest cardiac patient gets open heart surgery

A 18-hour old baby got an open-heart surgery in India and according to the cardiac surgeons the baby is now doing well post surgery.

The baby, whose name is not disclosed, is considered to be the youngest documented individual to experience this type of complex open heart surgery in India.

The baby came from Mathura a town in Uttar Pradesh in came with a cardiac problem called blocked vital complete anomalous pulmonary venous connection (TAPVC).

It is a sickness where the blood does not take the normal path from the lungs to the heart and then out of the body. The baby was rushed immediately to Medicure Assist Network Hospital located in New Delhi.

According to medical science in this kind of state the veins in the lungs are connected to one's heart in very abnormal positions.

These veins that are abnormal are also not wide enough and blood tends to dam up. The oxygenated blood enters or leaks into incorrect heart chamber and also gets dammed in the lungs.

"There is just one solution to take care of this problem and that was surgical urgent open heart surgery operation," stated K.S. Iyer, executive director (Paediatric and Congenital Heart Ailments) at Medicure Assist Network Hospital.

"The blood moving through the aorta to the human body doesn't have regular level of air, that causes causes the little baby to eventually become speechless and appear blue," he mentioned.

A determination to do an open-heart surgery was drawn immediately. It entailed executing the open heart surgery operation on the body's muscles, valves of one's heart and cutting the torso open.

Iyer stated the youngster had thin and strange veins, presenting a problem that was huge.

S. Radhakrishnan, manager and HOD Paediatric, who had been a part of the operation group, stated: "Managing someone of such a tender young age is consistently hard.

"Despite the surgical procedure, the problems weren't fully resolved as post-operation the torso needed to be held open for three days to maintain the newborn under committed medical observation for just about any emergency that might occur."

According to the doctors, now normal growth is being shown by the baby.

The news conference was organized to make the people aware of this complex open heart surgery.

According to health ministry estimates almost 180,000, kids are born with heart defects annually in Indian it self which treatment in the first-year of life.

Of those, almost 60,000-90,000 endure from critical heart lesions.

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