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Medicure Medical Travels has always provided it’s patients with honest and transparent medical travel solutions. We have always followed our philosophy of “patients first”.  We believe in working as a team and providing our patients with quality medical travel solutions. Our patients have bestowed their trust and belief in us year after year. We request you to read some of our medical travel India testimonials of our previous patients.


Nigerian Gets knee replacement surgery in India

India's best hospitals


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Heart Valve replacment surgery in India

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  • medical-tourism-Australia-patient

    I live Sydney, Australia but am originally from Mauritius. I had a radiating pain in my lower back which increased over time. I had to undergo a minimally invasive lumbar discectomy surgery at the earliest to prevent further damage. The wait time was quite high in Australia. That's when I started researching about getting surgery in India. I contacted Medicure Medical Travels and within 2 weeks I was in India for surgery. Despite the initial apprehensions of me and my colleagues about getting surgery in India  everything turned out excellent. Read More

    Mr. Alex, Australia, Spine Surgery

  • medical-tourism-USA-patient

    I was diagnosed with cancer. My insurance did not covered the whole treatment. Cancer treatment in USA is very expensive and the wait time is long. I contacted Medicure Medical Travels through which my friend had got treatment in India. I contact them with my query. The cancer treatment cost in India quoted was very affordable. Before I know, I was on the next plane to India. Everything went pretty well and I was very satisfied with Omar and Medicure Medical Travels.  Right from the airport to my treatment everything was above expectations.

    Mr. David, USA, Cancer Treatment

  • medical-tourism-uk-to-india

    I underwent knee replacement surgery in India. There wasn't any particular concern with visiting India since I have been there many times. My medical travel consultant Medicure Medical Travels was very helpful in shortlisting the hospitals and doctors in India. Everything was well planned and within the budget.  I must appreciate that my medical tour to India went very well. I'm very satisfied with my knee surgery and can again resume my daily routine. Thanks again for all the help Medicure.

    Mr. Freddrick, UK, Knee Replacement Surgery

  • medical-tourism-kuwait-patient-2

    Mr. Ahmad was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and came for chemotherapy in India.  He underwent a total of 3 chemotherapy sessions and stayed in India for over a month. The progress was satifactory considering the stage of cancer. He was quite fond of the spicy Indian food and loved the Indian summers which according to him were less harsh than back home. He is now doing well but the medications will still continue.

    Mr. Ahmed, Kuwait, Chemotherapy

  • medical-tourism-Iraq-patient

    Mr. Haidar came for LASIK surgery in India for his wife. His wife ,a teacher at school , decided to go for the LASIK surgery so that she could work without spectacles. The LASIK session lasted for only 2 hours post which they were discharged and were ready to leave for Iraq. Mrs. Haidar expressed her gratitude by gifting us some famous Iraqi dates. Due to LASIK there was no longer any need to wear eyeglasses and also the vision clarity became better.

    Mrs. Haidar, Iraq, LASIK Surgery

  • medical-tourism-Oman-patient

    Mr. Saeed was referred to us by their neighbors who had earlier sought treatment in India through us. Mr. Saeed's wife had malignant brain tumor. She underwent a successful brain tumor surgery with no loss of vision or impairment of any body part.  Post the brain tumor surgery in India she also underwent chemotherapy sessions. Post surgery the hospital stay was 7 days and the stay in India was around 14 days. There was no impairment or visual loss of vision during the surgery.

    Mrs. Saeed, Oman, Brain Tumor Surgery

  • medical-tourism-Nigeria-patient

    I had come to India for Cochlear implant surgery. I found the Medicure Medical Travels team to be competent and hardworking. They took full care of mine during the stay. After the implant surgery I had extremely help physiotherapy and voice sessions. Now I'm able to hear again with better clarity. The implant has been very helpful in getting me a normal life. This is something which I should had got as early as possible.

    Mr. Nafiu, Nigeria, Cochlear Implant Surgery

  • prescott-medical-tourism-Nigeria-patient

    My wife underwent knee replacement surgery in India. Medicure Medical Travels assisted us during our stay in India. Our hospital was extremely good and professional. I got American made implants for my wife. She can know walk without and limp and there is also no pain during walking. Thanks to Medicure Team we even visited Taj Mahal after the surgery. Post surgery assistance has been quite good. My wife can walk much better than previously.

    Mrs. Prescott, UK, Knee Replacement Surgery

  • brain-tumor-sani-medical-tourism-Nigeria-patient

    I had cranial brain tumor surgery in India. My neighbor introduced me to Medicure who took over my case. Not only was my treatment very cheap but also I was discharged within 2 days after the surgery. Everybody was surprised by my fast recovery. I'm extremely grateful to Medicure staff for their help during my stay in India. I truly enjoyed every day of my visit to India for treatment. Do come and visit our country also.

    Mr. Dara, Nigeria, Intra Cranial Brain Tumor Surgery

  • cervical-spine-surgery-medical-tourism-Nigeria-patient

    I had an accident in Lagos due to which I injured my spine. The doctor there recommended me to have spinal surgery at the earliest to relieve the pain. My doctor guided me to Medicure who we very helpful in arranging my treatment in India. The MAX hospital was very good and the doctor was superb. My best wishes to Medicure for helping me with the treatment. I'm truly very thankful to all of you for helping us in those hard times. We will never forget it. God bless you !

    Mrs. Elizabeth, Nigeria, Cervical Spine Surgery

  • ivf-treatment-medical-tourism-Nigeria-patient

    I was very impressed with the care I received at the NOVA speciality. The hospital is excellent with world-class facilities. The doctors and staff all spoke English and were very caring. They carried out their work professionally and satisfactorily. I would recommend anyone to go through The Medicure Medical Travels as they organized my treatment in a prompt manner and ensured that I was seen by the best specialists. The treatment was well within the budget. The complimentary stay at hotel was very nice and appreciated by our family.

    Mrs. Aremu, Nigeria, IVF Fertility Treatment

  • heart-valve-replacement-surgery-medical-tourism-Nigeria-patient

    My husband had heart valve surgery in India recently. I'm very thank to Medicure Medical Travels for getting my husband treated in the best hospital of India. The doctors were very hardworking and very caring. I still miss India and especially the spicy chicken tikka which is now my all time favorite food. Will come back next year for checkup. Can't wait to see India again and have my favorite Indian dish!

    Mr. Blakk, Tanzania, Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

  • Nigeria-kidney-transplant-surgery-in-India

    I am very happy to have chosen Medicure Medical Travels for getting treatment in India. They helped me alot during my stay in India. My father had to undergo a kidney transplant in India and Medicure Team took full care of us during our time in India. I would also like to thank Dr. Puri for doing successful kidney surgery. The surgery was within the cost that was quoted. The professionalism of Medicure Medical Travels was outstanding.

    Mrs. Ariyo, Nigeria, Kidney Transplant Surgery

  • brain-tumor-medical-tourism-india-ethiopia-patient

    I'm very happy to have taken services of Medicure Medical Travels for getting treatment in India.I had brain tumor surgery in India. After that I underwent a cyber knife treatment in India. Overall the surgery and treatment was very good. Medicure choose the best hospital for me which is one the top cancer hospital in India. My medical trip to India was a success. Me and my family would always be very thankful.

    Mrs. Tewabech, Ethiopia, Cancer Treatment

  • eze-medical-tourism-Nigeria-patient

    I had tumor in my esophagus and the doctors recommended me to get immediate treatment in India . I had to stay 2 months in India for my tumor surgery and radiotherapy sessions post-surgery. My stay was wonderful and the best thing was to get Nigerian food during my stay in India. The recovery has been much better and faster than we all had expected. My sincere thanks to the whole staff at the hospital and especially Mr.Omar. I will see you soon.

    Mr. Eze, Nigeria, Esophagus Tumor Surgery

  • Johnson Hip Replacement Surgery India Patient Testimonial

    I had a unilateral hip replacement surgery in India. The hospital doctors and the Medicure Team were extremely helpful during our stay in India. The Medicure Team took full care of my family and took us for shopping tours also after my surgery. All in all it was a very good experience for us. The medicines and post surgery consultations have been quite helpful. Thanks alot Medicure.

    Mrs. Johnson, Nigeria, Hip Replacement Surgery

  • medical-tourism-kenya-patient

    Thank you for everything!!! You were fantastic, friendly and professional in planning and coordinating the check-up, leaving me to enjoy my holiday. The facilities were modern and great value for money. My hernia surgery in India was very smooth and I have now fully recovered. Now there is no more pain while walking or sitting. Dr. Yadav and Omar have been very helpful. I will recommend everyone to definitely try your services in future.

    Mr. Sani, Kenya, Hernia Surgery

  • spine surgery medical-tourism-India-Oman-patient

    'm very grateful to Medicure Medical Travels for assisting me in getting treatment in India. I underwent a minimally spinal surgery in India. The doctor was very helpful and answered all my queries very well. The surgery was a success and I was discharged within 2 days from the hospital. Thanks to the Medicure team for such a wonderful experience. Will always remember your hospitality.

    Mr. Zubair, Oman, Minimally Invasive Lumbar Discectomy Surgery

  • Heart Valve replacment surgery in India

    I underwent a heart valve replacment surgery in India. When I came to India my condition wasn't to good. I also had low haemoglobin level and ulcer. After treatment for ulcer and blood transfusion I underwent the surgery where two tissue based valves were put in my heart.  Now I'm doing very well and can do simple work. This was my best decision to seek treatment in India. Thank you Medicure Medical Travels!

    Mr. Fadhel, Iraq, Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

  • medical-tourism-India-Congo-patient

    It was very tough walking normally after accident. I had fractured my leg along the knee. The doctors in my country, Congo, advised me for knee replacement surgery. I found Medicure Medical Travels on internet. They helped with complete assistance and planning my medical tour to India. I was very satisfied with all the help. I can now walk freely without pain in my knees.

    Mr. Okolere, CONGO, Knee Replacement Surgery

  • LASIK Surgery India Nigerian Patient Testimonial

    I came to India for LASIK surgery. I wanted to go spectacles free for a long time. Medicure Medical Travels organized my medical tour to India. They helped in everything from getting the visa to getting treatment at the best eye hospital in Delhi. My LASIK surgery in India lasted for only 2 hours and within 3 days I was able to see without my spectacles. I highly appreciate your help Medicure Team!

    Mrs. Anne, Nigeria, LASIK Surgery

  • cancer treatment India medical tourism bangladesh

    I underwent cancer treatment in India. I was diagnosed with cancer and the doctor recommended me immediate cancer treatment in India as Bangladesh does not have advance cancer treatment facilities. My friend in Australia recommended me for Medicure Medical Travels. They were very helpful in organizing our medical tour to India. Now I'm fully cured of cancer thanks to Allah, Indian doctors and Medicure.

    Mr. Raza, Bangladesh, Cancer Treatment

  • knee_replacement_surgery_in_india_medical tourism usa

    Getting treatment abroad was a very big decision for me and my family. I had decided on getting knee replacement surgery in India. But how to go about it was very complex. Thanks to Medicure Medical Travels I was able to shortlist the hospital and doctor for my surgery. And everything was within my set budget. The services were excellent and my surgery was flawless. I'm very satisfied with my surgery in India. Good luck !

    Mr. Chukwuma, Nigeria, Knee Replacement Surgery

  • medical tourism india patient usa

    I recently visited India to get dental implants. The healthcare is so costly back here in US that I couldn't afford the implants. My research on internet led me to Medicure Medical Travels who assisted me with getting Dental Implants in India. The cost of the dental implants in India was one-fourth the cost in US and also I was able to the same brand of implants that dentists use in US. Overall it was a superb trip to India.

    Mr. Henrick, USA, Dental Implants

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