The need to regulate medical tourism education and certification programs

Lately, many companies and people have joined the medical tourism business owing to its rising popularity and a perception among business people who see medical tourism as a quick money making business venture. There has been a dramatic increase in medical tourism companies in the last 5 years. This has in turn has led to setting up of medical tourism education and certification organizations catering specifically to the medical tourism companies. While some of these organizations have been setup with sheer concern for the industry most of them have been setup with only profit in mind.

Different medical education and certification organizations follow different sets of standards, criteria and bench-marking with no common set of process in place so that a unified approach can be taken to offer such education programs or certifications globally. Not only this but in some cases we don’t even know much about the background of medical tourism education or certification organizations themselves. Whom they represent or are they even qualified enough to be imparting medical tourism education and certification.

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Today many medical tourism education and certification organizations claim to provide the best education or have the best certification process in the industry. But sadly, we don’t have any true mechanism or regulatory body in place to substantiate such claims. Medical tourism companies are being charged hefty amounts of money for education programs and certifications which are not adding much real value to a company’s brand or standing in the industry. People tend to view certifications from government as more genuine stamps of quality.

The need of the hour is to have global or country specific government led medical tourism regulatory body which frames the standards, designs the curriculum, and certifies the medical tourism companies and the education and certification organizations. Also only organizations authorized from such regulatory bodies should impart education or provide certifications. Such a body will also help in weeding out incompetent and non-serious players from the industry.

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By Omar Siddiqui ,

CEO at Medicure Medical Travels | Telemedicine | Medical Travel Consultant | Health Informatics | Speaker

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