New Epilepsy Drug Could Help Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

New Epilepsy Drug Could Help Treat Alzheimer's Disease

New Drug For Epilepy

A fresh epilepsy drug holds promise as a therapy for alzheimer disease, researchers have discovered. The research by the University of British Columbia bolsters the hypothesis that mind hyper-excitability performs a vital function in alzheimer disease, which anti-convulsant medications – medicines that stop or decrease the intensity of convulsions – signify a encouraging remedy that deserve additional individual studies. In prior studies, a few organizations examined the results of the broadly utilized anti-convulsant medication levetiracetam in both animal models in addition to two clinical tests in-patients with early indications of Alzheimers. The results indicate it might impede a few of the outward symptoms of the condition, including memory loss.

In the newest study, Doctor Haakon Nygaard, Teacher, Alzheimer’s Study at UBC’s School of Medicine, examined the ramifications of brivaracetam – an anti-convulsant medication still in clinical development for epilepsy and carefully connected to levetiracetam.

Because it’s 10 times stronger than levetiracetam, it may be used at lower dosages. Nygaard and his co-workers discovered that it totally solved memory loss in a mouse model of Alzheimers.

While the drug seems successful, the investigators are unsure how it functions to change memory loss. Nygaard highlights the present study signifies quite original information regarding managing individuals with Alzheimers.

“We now have a variety of study teams utilizing antiepileptic medications that participate the exact same goal, and all level to some restorative impact in both Alzheimer’s dis Ease models, and individuals together with the condition,” he stated.

“These two medicines will likely be examined in larger clinical studies in alzheimer disease within another five to ten years,” Nygaard stated. “Bigger medical studies in-human subjects may be required before we are able to ascertain whether anti-convulsant treatment is likely to be portion of our potential remedial arsenal against Alzheimer Disease,” he included

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