Nigerian gets the best Xmas gift: She can walk again!

Ethel, who had severe deformities, was bedridden for six years and had given up all hope of walking

Knee & Hip joint replacement, with Computer Assisted Navigation Technology

Knee and Hip Joint Replacement Surgery India

“This year’s Christmas will be the most memorable and I will celebrate it with great enthusi­asm after six years,” says the emotional husband of 45-year ­old Ethel who operated successfully for knee and hip joint replacement surgery with computer assisted Navigation Technology.

The 45-year-old lady from Nigeria who had severe deformities in both her lower limbs, hips and arms had given up all hope of walking. Her daily chores were done by her hus­band.

“Fir six years she has been bed-ridden and needed constant support as I carried out her day-to-day chores,” says her husband, who adds that they had quit all hope of having a child because her condition. Her husband had tried repeatedly to find a cure for her condition and got her admitted at BGS Global Hospital in India, one of the best orthopedic hospital in India.

On evaluation it was found that both Ethel’s hips and knees were completely destroyed by rheumatoid disease. She was bedridden for six years and could not walk because of pain and severe deformities.  Ethel’s case was one it’s kind with blown rheumatoid arthritis, affecting all her Joints including her hands. For six years she could not straighten her limbs and she was always In a sitting position because of severe contraction of her hips,” says Dr Basavaraj, Senior Consultant, Joint Replacement Surgeon, BGS Global Hospitals. The latter, along with his team, performed the knee and hip joint replacement surgery on Ethel.

After four to five weeks of extensive physiotherapy the patient has now gained confidence and is also able to walk.

Speaking about the surgery Dr Basavaraj said, “All Joints were replaced. Both hips and knees were replaced at a single stage. Now the patient is able to walk.” He went on, “However, she still needs extensive physic,- therapy.”

Getting technical he added, “Since computer-assisted navi­gation was used we were able to recreate the weight-bearing axes to near perfection. She is now able to stand up straight and walk independently. In the coming months the bone densi­ty will be better and the legs will also become stronger in time.” summed up Dr BasavraJu.


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