Nigerian Patient Testimonial: Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Nigerian Patient Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Nigerian Patient Testimonial for Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Q. Why did you need a knee replacement surgery ?

At 67 years it was very hard to opt for any other alternative besides the knee replacement surgery. My orthopaedic doctor in Lagos had already told me that I need to undergo a knee replacement surgery and just medicines won’t be able to prevent the deteriorating knee condition. I had also tried alternative Nigerian Home Remedies to treat my knees but that wasn’t much helpful.

Q. Why did you choose India to get knee replacement surgery ?

One of my son is a businessman and he frequents India on a monthly basis. He had seen many patients from Nigeria who get treatment in India. Secondly, my cousin sister also recently underwent an operation in India. Besides this it is quite well known in Nigeria that if you need medical treatment abroad you should go to India for that. All these factors made the decision of getting medical treatment in India a lot easier.

Q. How did you proceed for your medical tour to India ?

We contacted Medicure Medical Travels through their Lagos SPOC. We inquired about getting knee replacement surgery in India and the cost for the same. What my family liked about Medicure Medical Travels was their honesty and transparency in dealing with everything. They also got us in touch with their previous knee replacement surgery patients in Nigeria. We spoke to these patients personally and got important information. Also the total cost of getting bilateral knee replacement surgery in India was within our budget. Overall it was very satisfactory and highly beneficial. Post this discussion we applied for Indian Medical Visa from Embassy of India in Lagos. Post our visa we made our journey to India.

Q. How was the medical treatment experience in India ?

I was very satisfied by the services of Medicure Medical Travels during my hospital stay as well as my stay in India. The manager was very helpful and took care of our each and every small needs. During my surgery Dr. Oberoi was kind enough to explain everything in detail before he started the knee replacement surgery. He even showed us the knee implants that would be used for my operation which I had opted for. The hospital staff was very courteous and friendly. My daughter was also happy with all the arrangements done. During our stay my son also came and spent a few days with us.

Q. Any tips you would like to share with future medical tourists especially from Nigeria ?

My only tip would be that you should thoroughly research before you proceed to get medical treatment in India. Get help of a good medical tourism company. It makes a lot of processes easier and faster. Also all the hassles are taken care of and you can concentrate on your treatment part. Medical tourism is boon for Nigerian patients and we should make good effective use of it. Also understand the cost of medical tour to India and the post hospital stay costs. Thought not much but factor them as well. My decision to get bilateral knee replacement surgery in India through Medicure Medical Travels was worth every penny.

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