Nigerian Patients in India

Nigerian Patient Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Nigerian patients have been now frequently travelling to India for medical treatment. Medical tourism has had a big impact on the Nigerian patients in India. No longer are they restricted in terms of availability of treatment or the treatment in terms of the latest medical technologies.

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With thousands of Nigerian patients opting to get medical treatment in India the collaboration between the medical community in India and Nigeria has only increased in the past years. Monthly medical check-up camps organized by Indian hospitals and medical tourism companies in Nigeria provide Nigerian patients to consult with top doctors from across the border. Not only this such medical camps also benefit the Nigerian medical community by way of CME, Surgery training and lectures which give them an insight on the latest advances in their respective specialities.

There are many success stories of Nigerian patients in India. From treating the top politicians, dignitaries, to small children’s and the not so well off India as a medical tourism destination offers everyone a chance to get better access to healthcare facilities and treatment.

Nigerian patients also prefer to travel to India for medical treatment for some major reasons such as

  1. Low cost treatment : With a very low and affordable cost of medical treatments India is an ideal medical tourism destination for Nigerian Patients
  2. Advance Technology: Utilizing advance medical technologies at extremely low cost gives another reason to  Nigerian patients to opt for India.
  3. Hospitality: Indians are very welcoming and good at hospitality. A very welcoming environment greets the Nigerian patients.
  4. Flexible Medical Visa: With a very flexible, fast medical visa processing the Nigerian patients have a very low wait time for getting Indian medical visa

A majority of Nigerian patients are coming to India for knee replacement surgery, heart valve replacement surgery, cancer treatments etc. The average cost of such treatments lies between USD $4000 to $7500 making it highly affordable and within reach of ordinary Nigerian patients. Not only this many Nigerian patients are sponsored to get treatment in Indian hospitals by NGO’s , Churches and local communities.

In the coming years many Indian hospitals will be setting up their operations in Nigeria itself which will immensely help the Nigerian patients. This will not only bring down the cost of medical treatment in Nigeria but will also make it much easier for the Nigerian patients to get treatment. Secondly, such set-ups will also help the healthcare ecosystem of Nigeria and neighbouring African states.

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