Patient Testimonial – Brain Tumor Surgery in India

Patient Testimonial - Brain Tumor Surgery in India

I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and the doctors advised with immediate surgery to prevent further spread of tumor in the brain and other parts of the body. Our local hospital in Baghdad had a long wait time for getting the surgery. Most of patients from Iraq get treatment in India. Owing to shorter travel time, good environment and excellent treatment facilities. I too made up my mind to get treatment in India. I contacted Medicure Medical Travels local office and enquired about the procedure to get brain tumor surgery in India. The people at the office were very helpful and patient. They first got me the complete details about the surgery and how much it will cost.Then my family had a long discussion with the neurologist sitting in India. The office also gave me the details of previous patients whom they have helped in getting brain tumor surgery in India. I spoke to 3 previous patients and everyone of them was all praise for Medicure Medical Travels especially for Mr. Omar.

Convinced with the information and interaction I flew to India for surgery. The Medicure Team picked our family from the airport and took us to our hotels. The hotels were very clean and nice. The price was also within our budget. Then after taking some rest and freshening up we went to see our doctor. The doctor was very happy to receive us and told us about the whole brain tumor surgery procedure. Then the next day I was admitted to the hospital and some of the tests were done. On the second day the operation was done. I gained conciousness on the 3rd day and though there was pain in my head the doctor told me that the tumor has been successfully removed completely. I stayed in the hospital for 7 days. The nurses and the staff were very polite, helpful and cheerful too. I was discharged from the hospital after a week and then stayed in Delhi for another week. Post our meeting with the doctor he told me that I can fly back to home. The brain tumor surgery in India was a complete success. I’m very thankful to Medicure Medical Travels and the hospital for helping us in the time of need. We can never forget the warmth and hospitality received.