How to plan your medical tour for treatment abroad

By Omar A Siddiqui, Managing Director, Medicure Medical Travels

Medical tourism has been a boon to patients worldwide. In the past decade patients travelling abroad for treatment has increased significantly. No longer is a medical tour a luxury it has become more of a necessity. Be it affordability or availability  medical tourists are a happy lot.

But before you happily plan to go on a medical tour for treatment abroad there are some points that should be kept in mind so that your medical tour is a success.

1.The first and foremost is choosing where to get treatment. This is the primary question that hit’s every medical tourists mind. Choosing the right destination for treatment is a major ingredient for your medical tour success. Choose a medical travel destination which just does not have good hospitals but also caring, friendly people ! Also where you can communicate with people more easily because after all you would be communicating with the people on a daily basis.

2. When you choose the destination do factor in the climate of the place. You don’t want to be stuck in a place with climate harsh that will be harsh you. Though this climate part can be managed as most of the time you will be indoors but some patients do prefer to explore the places while on medical tour. Keeping that in mind you can factor in this additional point.

 3Cost of treatment abroad. By far the most important point for any medical tourist wanting treatment abroad. The medical tour centers around this point which forms the crux of any medical tour. The cost of getting abroad should not only be the treatment cost but also the cost of post-surgery accommodation, transportation and food.Usually medical tourists overlook the total cost of the treatment but only focus on the cost of treatment or surgery only. Therefore, it is important to keep this in mind.

4. Medical tour visa and documentation hassles should be the minimum for the medical travel destination. This can through a spanner in all your medical tour plans. Some medical travel destinations have so much documentation and long medical visa issuance that all your medical tour plans can go in the dustbin literally. A medical travel destination should be welcoming with minimum documentation and a fast medical visa issuance.

5. Choosing a medical tourism company for getting treatment abroad can significantly reduce your stress time and you can focus more on getting your treatment. A medical tourism company is the right option for medical tourists because they assist you in getting treatment abroad in a much more stress free and relaxed environment. A medical tourism company plans your medical tour with proper planning  and individual focus. You don’t want to be bogged down in your medical travel destination with no one to guide you.

6. Choosing your hospital for treatment is also very important. These days due to medical tourism most of the hospitals are going for international certifications. These certification ensure stringent quality and patient care standards. The hospitals can’t be lackadaisical in there approach otherwise it will directly impact their image and reputation which can be disastrous.

7. When you are going on a medical tour for treatment abroad won’t it be awesome if you can get your home-cuisine at your destination. It always advisable to check with your hospital and your medical tourism company about the food options that you will be having. Different cuisine cannot suite everyone’s palate and can even cause complications. Therefore, do confirm that you will get some kind of your home-cuisine so that you are not totally caught off-guard.

8. It might be so that the medical tourism destination you choose might not speak your language. Although hospitals have English as their medium of conversation it can be a trouble  when you step out. Therefore, it’s always advisable to get an interpreter during your stay. An interpreter will make your life easy and more enjoying. And you will be able to connect better with people.

Keeping all these points in mind you can plan your medical tour and enjoy a stress free treatment abroad. Remember its you who is getting treatment abroad. Its better to be safe than sorry.  Therefore, you should meticulously plan your medical tour and keep every point in mind. Or else just sit and relax, sip your favorite drink and let the medical tourism company take over your  headache. Choice is your !

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