Read This Before You Get Those Orthopaedic Implants Implanted

OrthoGlide Knee Implant

Before you go to get your orthopaedic why not take out 5 minutes of your precious time and read this article. It might save the next 15 years of your life from getting ruined.

So you are all ready and set to get your orthopaedic surgery done at a top orthopaedic hospital who have promised you highly affordable cost and world class treatment. Does that sound similar ? Because every other hospital these days is making tall promises where moon is the limit. These days hospitals can go to any limits to attract patients to get treatment in their facilities. If hospital A is offering orthopaedic surgery for X dollars then hospital B goes further and gives a steep discount and offers lower price than X dollars.

Not all of us are doctors and do not understand the cost economics behind getting orthopaedic surgery. There are certain things that will always remain a constant when you go to get an orthopaedic surgery such as the hospital, operation theatre, medicines etc. For such things not much can be done. Which means that the prices are gonna remain static in all facilities. But there are some things where the pricing can be adjusted to bring down the cost and they are

  1. Surgeon Fees: This is the last option for any hospital to decrease the cost of orthopaedic surgery. No one wants to annoy the surgeon by lowering their fees. A surgeon wants the full fees would not take it well if their fees are cut. Secondly, to get the best talent you have to pay them the best. Therefore, this is the last resort option.
  2. Surgical Instruments such as saw, cutter etc: For orthopaedic surgeries certain disposable instruments are used per patient. These instruments can be cutter, saw blade, surgical surgery kits etc. Hospitals can opt for different varieties and lower the cost of surgery but savings of atmost $1000 USD can be achieved with this option. This is so because there is not much room for price cut.
  3. Orthopaedic Implants: This is main point where the hospitals really win. Here hospitals have a say for an implant for which the patient is paying. Any hospital looking to decrease the cost of orthopaedic surgery targets the orthopaedic implants. There are many varieties of orthopaedic implants available in the market. A patient will never be able to know which orthopaedic implants to opt for. Also the savings in using different varieties of orthopaedic implants can easily save upwards of $3000 USD for the hospital. A hospital may use a low quality low orthopaedic implant and still make profit on orthopaedic surgery. But the end user i.e. the patient suffers. Such orthopaedic implants do not have much shelf life and start giving trouble only after few years of usage. Also it has been seen that sometimes when the patients don’t have the full money for the orthopaedic surgery hospitals give them an option to opt for a surgery with these low quality orthopaedic implants. All these tricks are just to retain the patient. For any orthopaedic surgery where implants are to be used, patients should specifically opt for quality implants only.

What are considered good quality orthopaedic implants ?

Always opt for FDA approved orthopaedic implants. They may cost more but they will be beneficial to the patient in the long run. Usage of high quality FDA implants will save the patient the trouble of undergoing knee revision surgery in future.  Also such orthopaedic implants last very long upto 20 years. Always insist on FDA approved implants only. Majority of implants available in the market are CE Certified but the golden thumb rule is to go for FDA approved implants.  An orthopaedic surgery such as knee replacement surgery in India with an FDA approved orthopaedic may cost a little more than with a normal implant but the benefits will far outweigh the low cost orthopaedic implants.