School Going Zimbabwe Patient Undergoes Heart Surgery in India


A young schoolboy from Hwange , Zimbabwe recently successfully underwent a complex heart surgery in India after the community came together and chipped in with funds, was recently given a hero’s welcome when he returned back home post medical treatment in India.

Hillary, the schoolboy and his mother were in India for 21 days and he was operated on May 21 in an eight-hour long operation that only needed God’s intervention at the Artemis Health Institute Gurgaon in the Asian country.

The operation involved closing a hole in the boy’s heart and enlarging two veins as he also had a problem that affected his blood circulation. According to the doctors the boy was quite lucky to have undergone the heart surgery in India. If there would had been any further delay lot of complications could have arisen.

There was jubilation as a group of people, including members of the Hillary Nyathi Medical Fund and school heads, welcomed the 14-year-old Lwendulu United Primary School Grade Seven pupil and his mother, Ustancia Wakumelo, at the Victoria Falls International Airport.

The fund is named after the schoolboy.

Hillary’s schooling had been affected as he had to be hospitalised for lengthy periods since he was a toddler.

Around $10 000 was needed for the operation only and the Hillary Nyathi Medical Fund raised that amount, mostly from Hwange schools. This is another prime example when the community has come together to help one of their own.

World Vision provided $8 500 to cater for air tickets, food, accommodation and other expenses during their medical treatment in India

Others such as Zimta, Hwange Colliery and Hwange residents also contributed, but the amounts could not be ascertained immediately. The boy’s mother said her son’s life had been saved by “angels”.

The boy has been suffering from this condition for the past 13 and his family hopelessly watched him suffer without any help but thank God today he is well through efforts from the foundation which came to his help. Due to medical tourism the Zimbabwe patients in India get access to high quality medical treatment at one fourth the cost.

Post successful heart surgery in India Hillary is recuperating and is expected to join the school very soon.